Oct 192022

Ukrainian metal fans who fled to the Netherlands because of the war can visit the Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn for free this year. The organization is making 10 free tickets available to support them.

The Brainstorm Festival is an annual cultural rock and metal festival in Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn. The organization tries to be socially relevant every year and this year chooses to surprise Ukrainian refugees who love heavy metal.

“We can’t imagine what it must be like to have to flee your country because of a crazy war. When we as a festival can do something beautiful for these people with a small gesture, we will not fail to do so”, according to the organization of the Brainstorm Festival.

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Angel 7 – “Last Revolution”

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Mar 052015

last revolution (2014)About a week ago, a friend who has a record label polled his friends to see if anyone would be interested in a metal album that wasn’t in English and to his surprise, nearly everyone was, myself included.  Years ago, I was introduced to Angel 7 through their Black and White album, which came out in 2004.  To put it mildly, I was literally blown away and all the vocals were in either Russian or Ukranian as the band is from the Ukraine.  This was around the time Dragonforce was popular due largely to “Through the Fire and Flames” being on the Guitar Hero video game and in Angel 7 I could hear guitar of similar skill and craziness but with more of a melodic death metal feel to it…instant fan.

This is the fifth album for the band from Kyiv, Ukraine and the third with a title in English, which is somewhat surprising as the lyrics and vocals are in Ukrainian or Russian (not exactly sure which).  Let’s just say there are a lot of song titles in Cyrillic and I can’t even attempt to translate.  Going off their bandcamp page, Седьмой Ангел was their first album (2001), followed by Black and White (2004), Silver Sky (2005), Любовь никогда не умрет (Love Will Never Die, 2012), and now Last Revolution (2014).  From what I’ve heard from the band, the overall process of recording Last Revolution brought many challenges, some of which most of us can never directly relate.  Continue reading »

Mar 032015

Angel7_logoCheck out in the clip below ‘The Final Revolution’ with English subtitles, the song is taken from Angel 7′s latest album “Last Revolution” released on December 10th of last year.

This album and also “Седьмой Ангел” (2001), “Black And White” (2004), “Silver Sky “ (2005), “Любовь никогда не умрет” (2012), are available now for free download on their bandcamp page. If possible support the band by paying for their music (name your price). They would appreciate that. Continue reading »

Apr 122013

TLAT 2011Ukrainian screamo/hardcore band To Leave a Trace has posted a new song from their upcoming album. The song is titled Aokigahara and can be streamed below.

Late last month the band started a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for their next full lenght album Black Light. A promo video can also be seen below. For more info on how you can support them click here.

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Mar 312013

TLAT 2011Female fronted screamo/hardcore band To Leave a Trace has launched an Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for their next full lenght album “Black Light”. A promo video can be seen below. For more info on how you can support them click here.

Against The Flow, the new TLAT single was released August 2012. This single was recorded at WMS Studio in Warsaw, mixed and mastered by Kelly Cairns at Pink Noise Studio in USA. Also, the band filmed a music video for Against The Flow, which was released in the same month. The video is directed by the band self and can be seen here. Continue reading »