Minor Rockstar Releases “Wasted” EP

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Jul 282023

Thumper Punk Records is honored to introduce SoCal based Minor Rockstar, and announce the release of their five song Wasted EP. Songs from the heart. Songs of passion and struggle. Songs of everyday Americana, written and performed by Landon Cripe and friends. Minor Rockstar’s unique 90s alternative sound refreshingly combines elements of Weezer and Husker Du (Warehouse era), with a dollop of Ramonescore. The band’s debut single ‘Wasted’ can be streamed below:

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Oct 252013
False Idle bandphotoHot on the heels of the debut full-length release from False Idle comes their first acoustic effort, a 7 song EP entitled “California Or Bust”. This latest recording is a more transparent, stripped-down release that re-vamps a strong collection of their favorite tracks from the recent powerful full-length, “Threat”, and the earlier the “I Refuse” EP.

False Idle clearly shows that they are a band that can not only bring an in-your-face brand of punk rock to the studio and the stage, but are also proficient in grabbing the acoustic guitar and toning it down for a good time with friends around a fire. The instrumental version of “I Refuse” even features a cello taking over the bass parts. A completely re-worked outlaw-rock version of ‘Retaliate’ gives credence to their self-proclaimed eclectic tastes in music. The tracks ‘Threat’ and ‘Where Do We Go’ in particular offer a sing-along feel that will leave you with a new mental soundtrack. And, as with every creation from False Idle, the name of the EP, “California Or Bust” is not a coincidence… Continue reading »