Apr 042023

Lightworker‘s Solid State Records debut, “Fury By Failure“ has been released on June 12th. 2020. Below is a guitar playthrough video to ‘The Willing Martyr’ ft. Daniel Gailey (Becoming The Archetype).

Lightworker is a metal band from San Francisco, CA. The group—comprised of Joe CalderonGrayson Hurd, Ryan Johnson, and Brad Green—formed from the remnants of former bands, finding creative unity together and a mutual passion for heavy music.

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May 092020

Lightworker have released another single from their forthcoming Solid State Records debut, “Fury By Failure“. See below for a stream of ‘The Willing Martyr’ and what the band themselves had to say about it:

“‘The Willing Martyr‘ is about breaking the cycle with anyone or anything that tries to keep you from realizing your full potential and having the guts to break free from the vicious cycle of exploitation and depravity. This and all of the songs on ‘Fury By Failure‘ touch on how you can find that fury inside yourself and choose to do something positive with it instead of giving into defeat.”

“When it comes to our misgivings, we have a choice. We either back down in the face of adversity and let it own us, or we can embrace the failure to move forward with a blistering passion to overcome and build upon the lessons learned. With these songs, we choose to explore the latter.”

June 12th has been slated as the release date for the band’s aforementioned new album “Fury By Failure“.

Track List:
1. Empyre (audio)
2. The Willing Martyr (feat. Daniel Gailey)
3. 10/18
4. See the World Like You
5. Words Dissolve (feat. Ryan Kirby)
6. Losing Ground (feat. Carley Coma)
7. Cholera (feat. Laura McElroy)
8. Remove the Earth
9. Beyond the Pale
10. Dissonance

Preorder “Fury By Failure”here

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