Vultures Gathering – “The Hunt”

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May 232023

Vultures Gathering is a collaborative effort from three musicians from around the world. Chaz Bond (BioGenesis) in Ohio, USA was contacted to do clean vocals for a Malaysian metal band of which Andre Chiang was a member. Andre (Shamash, Necromanicide) and Chaz hit it off and started talks of a side project that would be Gothenburg style with a nod to NWOBHM. They wanted the music to be dark, somber and melodic with deep lyrics. After Chaz and Andre finished the first song, Andre introduced Ryan Roebuck (Ritual Servant, Motivik) from Georgia, USA to the project and the lineup was solidified. They signed with Roxx Records and released their debut album, The Hunt, on April 14, 2023.

Given their main bands and what they wanted to accomplish, I was intrigued to see how it would pull together. Upon my first listen, the album felt dark. Not that I have synesthesia, but a dark gray shade came to mind. Their style is a pseudo-power metal style that makes use of thrash metal riffs and chords underlying power metal vocals. Lead guitars and keyboards add some extra color from time to time, but tend to be ornamental. Most of the songs are heavy with a couple of lighter songs thrown in like “This Darkened Embrace” and “A Knock on the Door.” The songs are progressive and constantly shifting where often I couldn’t tell if riffs used before came back later.

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Feb 242023

Mark your calendars, Roxx Records is excited to bring you an album we’ve all been waiting for! The debut release from Vultures Gathering.

Vultures Gathering, a story of how a friendship between 3 different musicians, from 3 different bands, across 3 locations, halfway across the world … Led to a birthing of a project. The collaboration between Chaz Bond, Ryan Roebuck and Andre Chiang, all known for their projects with Biogenesis, Letters to the Blind, Motivik, Ritual Servant, Shamash and Necromanicide was something that started out as collaboration, “for the fun of it”, but gained inertia and became a full fledged project.

When initially conceived, the band had in mind the melodic metal cadences of the Swedish Gothenburg scene in mind. This project was influenced by that scene and also mirrors the NWOBHM sound that was dominant when all 3 members were growing up in the scene in the 80s/90s era.

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May 062022

Roxx Records recording artist Vultures Gathering will release their debut single ‘America’ today in honor of Bloodgood and benefiting Michael Bloodgood.

‘America’, the first single from the Vultures Gathering‘s debut, “The Hunt” is live now Friday, the 6th of May.

The band pays homage to legendary recording artist Bloodgood, who are amongst the pioneers who paved the way for bands like Vultures Gathering, who minister the Love of God through metal music.

Special thanks to Les Carlsen for the kind words on his advanced screening of the track – You made our day sir!!!

The band is working in partnership with Roxx Records and and we informing everyone now that all proceeds for this digital single along with the merchandise revenues will be channeled over to Michael Bloodgood in light of his recent health situation.

As you might already know, the cost of healthcare in the United States is really heavy. If you do feel moved or led to donate to Michael to help with the medical costs, please consider the options below:

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