Apr 082023

Although almost a year late, Voluntary Mortification a Christian deathcore band based out of Lansing, Michigan released their debut album “Suffer to Rise” on the July 22nd, 2022 via Rottweiler Records. This concept album tells the tale of Paul’s soul’s descent into the torments of hell and his ultimate redemption. It also speaks of Paul’s regret at shunning the notion of the afterlife before his death, to him ultimately emerging “renewed and reinvigorated as a vindicator for Truth in a world that has lost its way”. The band aims to be “a light in the darkness for those who are broken and hurting”.

The album opens with “Wages of Sin” which has an eerie intro leading up to the ambient soundscapes that is set forth in the album. “Death Tremors” plunges heavy into guitar chugs meddled with screeching vocals that’s sure to scare the brains out of you. The slow chugs end the song just the way it started. “Vindicator” establishes on the formulaic and offers little experimentation with the song arrangements. We hear a deathcore grind throughout the song that oscillates between screeching and guttural vocals layered on blast beats.

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Dec 192022

Crushing. Destructive. Ominous foreboding. Deathcore has a new flag to hoist as “Suffer To Rise” ushers in a sonic cluster of dynamic metal violence that will leave listeners weak in the knees. Christian deathcore band Voluntary Mortification have crafted quite thire debut record, one that brings both extreme metal and deathcore to a collide where the end result is invigorating, hopeful and empowering. Don’t sleep on this record!

Recently we conducted an interview with the guys in Voluntary Mortification. You can read it below:

TMR: Hey guys this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in Lansing, Michigan in these interesting times ?

VM: Oh you know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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