Oct 312022

Trinity, a Doom metal band founded in the year 2007 in Czech Republic, are out with their debut album “Memories Of The Ancient Presence ” under the Soundmass Record label. The band draws comparison to Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Paramaecium. Trinity best summarizes in its press material when it accurately describes itself as ‘doom and rebirth’ metal.

Bard, a multi-instrumentalist, began collaborating with Judith and Mary, whom he had previously worked with on other musical projects.  The trio started demoing material over the next several years but progress stalled due to their commitment to other bands.  Starting in 2016, however, work resumed on Trinity, with the subsequent four years spent working on production and recording along with improving arrangements and lyrics.

The album opens up with a hymn “Memories Waking” with soft tones, bell chimes, seconds vocalizing and an acoustic guitar that carries the song forward.  “The Ancient Presence” starts off with a downbeat guitar riff on a looming violin swing which is accentuated with crafty drum rolls, and the vocals add a doom overtone to the overall song. “Sanctuary” starts off on a groovy note, and slowly blends into a doom guitar riff, parallels well with the violin and toggling between the voices of Bards and Judith/Mary gives the song an eerie outlook. The interlude with an electrifying guitar solo, and the outro brings about a gothic aura that sustains for a while and gives one a gooseflesh.

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Sep 272017

Soundmass Records very pleased to announce the release of Grave Forsaken’s 7th studio album, “It Has Begun”, on Nocturnal Mass*. This continues our 8 year, 5 album collaboration with these Western Australian thrash stalwarts.

13 years since their inception, Grave Forsaken have never given up or let up, loyal to the metal scene and God they are so passionate about. Their hard work has seen them improve with every album and “It Has Begun” continues this trend with another healthy output of unyielding thrash and heavy metal. Fans who have come to love the band’s trademark sound will not be disappointed. Continue reading »

Grave Forsaken – “The Fight Goes On”

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Jan 222016

The Fight Goes On (2015)Every once in a while you get an album that when you hear the first chord punch your stereo in the face, you know its going to be a great album. Grave Forsaken’s – “The Fight Goes On” is just that for me, a 100% get up and punch you in the face album that drives relentlessly from beginning to end like their ain’t no tomorrow.

Maybe its just nostalgia, but I am a devout old school thrash and crossover fan, and there is a lot of it going on in the album.

Immediately I am transported back to the 80‘s thrash scene where some of most of the iconic thrash and crossover bands were born. A time where headbanging and moshing was the norm, and not some paralytic chicken dance that a lot of hardcore kids of today do.

A lot of thrash bands today are merely echoes or shadows of those days that bare slight similarities of an era that cemented some of the greatest thrash bands ever. I don’t think that era of thrash would ever be equalled today, but there are some bands that though embody elements of that era are able to forge a stand alone authority, and nod. Grave Forsaken is one of those bands. Though for any true thrasher your mind would wander to the 80‘s when listening to the album, it has that modern touch that keeps it both authentic and in the times of todays musical atmosphere. In other words it won’t alienate the kid who likes to do the paralytic chicken dance. Continue reading »

Feb 072014

Pantokrator-2013Swedish death metallers Pantokrator have posted a new album teaser for their album “Incarnate”. The long- awaited album has been released last month on Jan. 21th. via Rottweiler Records & Soundmass. The teaser can be streamed in the youtube clip below.

As prevously reported, Pantokrator are confirmed to play this years Elements of Rock, this will be their official album release show. The annual festival wil be held march 14 – 16, Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switserland. [more] 

“Incarnate” … was a long journey – 7 years – of writing, composing, editing and recording. It is an album that in itself is something all new, yet at the same time has the intensity of their heavy-hitter “Aurum” [2007, Whirlwind Records] and the “Heritage of Blod” [2003, Rivel Records]. Continue reading »

Pantokrator – “Incarnate”

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Jan 072014

IncarnateAfter seven years of hiding in some forgotten corner of Sweden, Pantokrator returns with their third full length album in their nearly 20 year history.  Pantokrator’s career began with the complicated, overwhelmingly masterful albumAurum, which by far was the best album in the career of the quintet. Only time will tell if Incarnate will be considered as one of the best Pantokrator releases, but certainly it is a beautiful addition to their epic discography.

In a little more than 51 minutes of music spread over nine killer tracks, the band shows that this time of “seclusion” was very well used. Previous releases showed some issues with the overall mixing and song structure but in this case higher doses of melody were inserted and even some brighter sounds/tones included, but overall there is no mistaking that Pantokrator is still a (melodic) death metal band. Continue reading »