Aug 062021

HolyName founders Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) and Joe Holt enlist the services of top musicians Brook Reeves (Impending Doom), Matthew Weir (Sleeping Giant), Aaron Craner, and producer Ryan Leitru (For Today) for help on their new project.

The new single ‘My Way’ is out today, and joins the band’s previous 3 singles. Streaming everywhere you listen to music. The song can be streamed below.

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Jul 092018

Sad news from the Sleeping Giant camp, the band checked in with the following:

Tommy’s little brother Conor passed away on May 12 of this year. As a way to help cover the remaining funeral costs and burial expenses that can pile up, we decided as a band to release a special tribute design for the Green Brothers. Aptly titled “Brothers Keeper”. Tommy has written songs for his family over the years and the photo was taken 3 years ago to show their family tattoos. We consider the SG community like a family, so we are reaching out to see if you would like to purchase a shirt. All proceeds from this shirt will go to help the Greens.

A video message from Tommy Greene can be watched below.

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Jun 072018

Sleeping Giant have premiered the following music video for their track ‘Preachcore Lives!’. Footage for the video was filmed during the band’s February 17th, 2018 farewell show at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. A documentary on the band, including more footage from those shows, will be released this summer.

‘Preachcore Lives!’ is taken from the band’s final album “I Am,” which has been released on January 26, via Facedown Records.

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Sleeping Giant – “I Am”

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Apr 012018

If I were to describe the album in one word, I’d say “precision”. Words like “driven”, “dedicated” and “purposeful” also come to mind. Sleeping Giant live their mission; to build out His legacy of praise. It is clear from the onset that they take their task seriously. The following refrain in “Preachcore Lives!” gives me goosebumps: “I will worship for an audience of one…”, a sentiment echoed like a warcry when first Tom, and then the other band members repeat, “One!”. If my description confuses you, listen to the opening track, and you’ll know exactly what I

The second track, “Second Chance Kids” states: “No truce, No compromise, Someone gave their life for me….” Sleeping Giant is a tight unit, and I enjoy how each player – from drums through guitars, bass and vocals – contributes to the whole of the sound. You won’t find any guitar solos here. Everyone drives to a single, focused point; like an arrowhead of sound. There is a good balance between spoken word and singing, and I enjoy how these two vocal styles compliment one another throughout the album. The melodic voice reminds me of Burton C. Bell, of Fear Factory, the “Digimortal” album specifically. Continue reading »

Jan 132018

Metal/Hardcore band Sleeping Giant have released another new song ‘Preach Core Lives!’. This track is from the band’s final album “I Am,” which will be released on January 26, via Facedown Records. The lyric video can be watched below.

Vocalist Tommy Green reflects on the past 12 years:

For me personally this band has been such an important and special gift in my life that I needed to know that I was actually at a point where I could let go and move on. I didn’t want to feel grief like there was something unexpressed, unsaid, or undone in me; I didn’t want to feel like I was selling myself out. This band has become the private journal made public of the story of my life. It is one of the most important things I have ever done.

It’s crazy and beautiful and hard and awesome and cathartic and creative all at the same time. I thank God for hardcore. I have been able to express my passion and my pain over the last 12 years. Continue reading »