Jun 012019

The second edition of the Metalforce Festival will take place at Popcentrale, Dordrecht (Netherlands) June 8, 2019.

Line-up: Slechtvalk (viking/blackmetalband), to live among wolves (noise/screamo), Seven Spirits Burning (metalcore), OLTAS (Everything heavy.}. Continue reading »

May 112017

Extreme metal band Slechtvalk has released their fifth album “Where Wandering Shadows And Mists Collide” on December 20th. Today the band have checked in with the following update:

After being with the band for almost 17 years, we regretfully have to announce that drummer Grimbold will be leaving Slechtvalk by the end of this year. His decision did not come to us as a surprise, for we were aware that he suffered from motivation problems for quite some time and although he still likes to jam with us, he feels he can no longer commit himself to play more shows and record another album after this year. We had hoped that recording “Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide” and the great responses on his superb drumming would made him change his mind, but unfortunately his mind is set.

We’re thankful for the great contribution Grimbold has made to Slechtvalk‘s music during the past 2 decades and we’re glad that he’ll be with us until the end of this year, so we can still play some shows, while we search for a replacement. This means that if you are or know a drummer who would be a great asset to Slechtvalk, we have a vacancy for that position, which we would like to fill before the end of the summer, so we can work on new material and schedule shows for 2018. Continue reading »

May 102017

Slechtvalk keyboard player Premnath Gonesh has released a new single ‘War of the Ancients’. He says: “Especially for the Slechtvalk fans. The classical version of ‘The War Of The Ancients”. The track is available on iTunes, Spotify. (Links below).

‘War Of The Ancients’ is taken from Slechtvalk’s second album, “The War That Plagues the Lands” which has been released in 2002 through Fear Dark Records. The album reached No. 2 at Lowland’s Top 50 Metal Charts.

Premnath‘s second solo album “Circumstantia” has been released in November 2014. Continue reading »

Dec 102016

WWSAMC_SLECHTVALKSlechtvalk have returned with their fifth album, Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide and bring a collection of thundering, dark, and powerful blackened death metal that lives up to the anticipation for this album.

When one thinks of black metal or death metal with heavy black metal influences, bands like Antestor, Crimson Moonlight, and Slechtvalk are some names that should come to mind.  Interestingly, all three have had their share of long breaks and then releasing an album that instantly reminds everyone of how good they really are.  Antestor took a break from 2005 to 2012 and then released Omen, Crimson Moonlight took their break from 2011 to 2016 and released Divine Darkness, and now we have Slechtvalk on break from 2010 and releasing Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide now at the end of 2016. Slechtvalk (Dutch for peregrine falcon) was formed from a solo project of singer/guitarist Shamgar around 1999, with a debut album, Falconry being released in 2000. Following positive reception of Falconry, Shamgar was able to assemble a band and in 2002, released The War that Plagues the Lands Continue reading »

Nov 262016

slechtvalk-2016_b5cThe Dutch extreme metal band Slechtvalk finished recording their new album In April of last year. The fifth album carries the title “Where Wandering Shadows And Mists Collide” will finally be released on December 20th. Recorded, mixed & mastered with Lasse Lammert at the LSD-Studio in Lübeck (Germany). The official lyric video for ‘We Are’ can be watched below’

The band have checked in with the following update:

“We will present (and play most songs of) our new album “Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide” during the upcoming mini-tour with Nightland & Morgarten!”

Slechtvalk will be on tour from 15 to 19 December with Nightland (IT) and Morgarten (DE). Dates and locations are listed below. Continue reading »