Mar 072023

Signum Regis signed a booking deal with Desert Rose Agency, as follow-up to their previous co-operation. From now on Desert Rose Agency will represent the band in whole of Europe, except for Slovakia and Czech.

The first results of this new agreement is the upcoming Signum Regis – tour in May 2023, where the band will be special-guest on a tour with Secret Sphere through Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. On the dates in The Netherlands the package will be supported by Angelic Forces.

“There are so many great bands out there and the competition is tough. That’s why we will wear it as badge of honour that we were hand-picked and got an extended offer to be represented by the Desert Rose Agency”, says Ronnie of Signum Regis about the new co-operation. “We worked together before and it has always worked out well for both parties. Now we will work together even more closely.”

Signum Regis hopes to play mo

re places in Europe. Ronnie: “We will do our best to continue to be a great, entertaining live band. We are looking forward to playing shows in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium this coming May 2023.”

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