Nov 162022

With their self-titled debut album headed for a January 13th release date on Facedown Records, HolyName have recently dropped yet another track from it. The latest to emerge is ‘The Sect’, which features a guest spot from Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark.

Pre-orders for that are available here. Several other musicians will be making cameos on the full record, including Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark, Impending Doom singer Brook Reeves, Convictions frontman Michael Felker and more.

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Apr 232019

Demon Hunter has recently released two album’s entitled “War” & “Peace”. Our Brazilian friends from Metal Na Lata webzine have conducted an interview (in Portuguese) with frontman Ryan Clark, check out the English version below.

01 – How or where did the idea of launching 2 albums at one time come and what were the “complications” that this brought to the planning of the band?

We’ve been sitting on the concept of two simultaneous and stylistically-polarized albums for quite a while actually. We knew that it would be a pretty huge undertaking, so we had to wait for the right time to do it. With the songwriting help that I now get from Patrick, fleshing out the sheer volume of songs needed was finally more of a reality. Plus, rounding out albums 9 and 10 at the same time felt like the perfect opportunity to make this idea happen. Continue reading »

NYVES – “Anxiety”

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Jan 212016

anxiety NYVES (pronounced Knives) is the electronic project by Ryan Clark, the vocalist in Demon Hunter, and Randy Torres, formerly of Project 86. It was launched as a Kickstarter side project where they asked for $50,000 in order to fund their debut full-length album, ‘Anxiety’. It was to be a massive success with 2,104 backers pledging $82,702 to help bring this project to life.

Ryan Clark stated “As a designer, having created the aesthetic surrounding Demon Hunter, as well as dozens of other bands, I’ve always been enthralled with the visual identity behind a music project. With NYVES, I want to create a visual language that transcends the average. As a collector myself, with an appreciation for fully-realized artistic expression, I would love the opportunity to bring NYVES to life with a bang — offering multiple physical formats of the record itself, as well as shirts, posters, and other items that further expand the world of NYVES.”

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May 132015

nyvesNyves—the fledgling electronic music project from Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark and Randy Torres (ex-Project 86) – can count themselves among the crowdfunding success stories. The outfit have managed to surpass their $50,000 goal  in less than two weeks. Earlier today they reported the following:

‘There’s some exciting news coming tomorrow about the new album from Ryan‘s Nyves project. While we patiently wait, watch the trailer for the new music video below for the song ‘Return.’ “Anxiety” is coming.’ Continue reading »

Nov 212014

NYVES_-_2014Nyves—the fledgling electronic music project from Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark and Randy Torres (ex-Project 86)— after their kickstarter goal was reached, it is now time to stretch goals, read more in the update below:

Hey everyone,

Now that the campaign is funded, the Nyves album is definitely going to happen! We’re planning on a total of 11 songs – plus a bonus song for the special edition CD that is only available during this campaign on Kickstarter. We’re really excited about the response to Nyves so far, but have a lot of very ambitious goals for the project.

That’s why we’ve set up stretch goals to help us get the music into the ears of as many people as possible. Our immediate goal is to meet our first stretch goal of $60,000 so that we’re able to make a high-quality music video for the album – and we’re almost half of the way there!  Every single contribution from now until the end of campaign will go towards our stretch goals and help us out tremendously. Continue reading »