May 042023

Dynasty Of Metal are bringing their Brazilian Old School Christian Metal roots out in this brand new compilation “Back To The Past”. The album is scheduled to be released May 26 via Roxx Records.

Dynasty of Metal are known for their amazing power metal and having released 4 full length albums and 2 EP’s the band is taking it back to their roots for this one.

Featuring beautiful and heavy renditions of many of your favorite classic songs. Including Stryper, Bloodgood, Tourniquet, Barren Cross, Narnia, Deliverance and so much more!

Check out below a 9.14 min. sampler track and get ready to rock!

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Apr 142023

Roxx Records is always searching for those long lost gems of Christian hard rock and metal and this time we found one you have never heard before. These two albums were recorded by an artist you are familiar with but these songs from both projects have never been officially released in ANY format, until now.

So get ready as we proudly present you with not one, but two, brand new previously unreleased albums by Soldiers Of Light.

Soldiers Of Light features, and is the brainchild of, Shane Freeman who you may recall fronted the band Stutz in the late 70’s to early 80’s as well as fronting two much loved albums from Michael that we released over the past few years, “The Battle Rages On’”and “II”.

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Mar 312023

Roxx Records is prepared to shake the foundation walls of hell, and release many tormented souls currently walking across this scarred earth. This next release with its brazen lyrical assault, and no holds barred message of the gospel is going to bring it to you in a way that no other Christian Metal artist can. This May get ready as we unleash the brand new full length album from… RITUAL SERVANT

We are excited to be bringing you the highly anticipated sophomore release from one of the boldest bands you will ever hear as they bring the thrash like only they can. First lets rewind to March 29, 2019 and the debut full length release of METALLUM EVANGELII which was released to much critical and fan acclaim, almost exactly 4 years ago this month! This album was well received all over the world and has been a constant request for us here at Roxx Records. One of the most asked questions of us this past year or longer has been when is the next album coming out!

Ask no more, and get ready as the devil is shaking in his boots right now. May 19, 2023 we will unleash this mighty evangelical release that is sure to turn a few heads, and probably make a few enemies. But that’s ok, because what the world needs now is to hear the truth about… ALBUS MENDACIUM (artwork below).

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Reign of Glory – “All Will Bow”

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Mar 302023

Reign of Glory was born in 2021 when bassist Roger Dale Martin (Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Die Happy) and guitarist Nick Layton (FireWolfe, Q5) partnered up writing material for a classic metal album with a message of hope and faith in these trying times. They had just released Roxology, a metal instrumental album of hymns, earlier in the year and were eager to do something with a full band replete with singer. Through a happenstance Die Happy reunion interview on Sanctuary International, they got in contact with vocalist Robyn Kyle Basuari (Die Happy, Red Sea). To round out the band in the rhythm seat is Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, Deliverance, The Blamed).

All Will Bow is a solid album that gives a nod to the 80s with a modern execution. The ten songs on the album provide enough variety for this reviewer to enjoy without being bored. The core of RoG’s sound is a solid rhythm section, melodic guitars, and a quite capable vocalist singing on top.

First thing I liked about the album is the musical variety. “Forever and Ever” starts out with a somewhat thrash metal riff that sounded close to Megadeth’s “High Speed Dirt.” But once the drums and bass come in, it calms down a bit, but still quite metal. “Welcome to Reality” is a mid-tempo grooving rock tune that kept my foot tapping. “Samson’s Kryptonite” had RoG move into a bluesy southern rock territory and we have the requisite ballad in “Love Came to Die.” And that was just the first half of the album.

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Mar 062023

Roxx Records has secured the rights to bring you another classic Christian rock release that should have been released years ago to the masses, but alas never got the push out of the heavenly metal gates it needed.

Brothers Jeff and Rusty Ellison grew up playing the hard rock and metal brand of music they loved so much all the way back in their teens. Heavily influenced by their musical taste of artists like, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Aerosmith, Rush, Van Halen, Montrose, Kansas, Styx and Journey. Theywould start off in those early days writing music and playing bars as early as 15 years old.

They were really good and began winning local music talent contests and even got radio airplay with some of their early music locally even before they became Christians. Thankfully their mother, who loved them very much, became a Christian when the boys we’re in their late teens at that early stage in their musical career. Their mom would begin to pray for the boys and by the time they were in their early 20’s God would hear her prayers and both brothers would accept Christ.

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