Mar 062023

Roxx Records has secured the rights to bring you another classic Christian rock release that should have been released years ago to the masses, but alas never got the push out of the heavenly metal gates it needed.

Brothers Jeff and Rusty Ellison grew up playing the hard rock and metal brand of music they loved so much all the way back in their teens. Heavily influenced by their musical taste of artists like, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Aerosmith, Rush, Van Halen, Montrose, Kansas, Styx and Journey. Theywould start off in those early days writing music and playing bars as early as 15 years old.

They were really good and began winning local music talent contests and even got radio airplay with some of their early music locally even before they became Christians. Thankfully their mother, who loved them very much, became a Christian when the boys we’re in their late teens at that early stage in their musical career. Their mom would begin to pray for the boys and by the time they were in their early 20’s God would hear her prayers and both brothers would accept Christ.

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Feb 242023

Mark your calendars, Roxx Records is excited to bring you an album we’ve all been waiting for! The debut release from Vultures Gathering.

Vultures Gathering, a story of how a friendship between 3 different musicians, from 3 different bands, across 3 locations, halfway across the world … Led to a birthing of a project. The collaboration between Chaz Bond, Ryan Roebuck and Andre Chiang, all known for their projects with Biogenesis, Letters to the Blind, Motivik, Ritual Servant, Shamash and Necromanicide was something that started out as collaboration, “for the fun of it”, but gained inertia and became a full fledged project.

When initially conceived, the band had in mind the melodic metal cadences of the Swedish Gothenburg scene in mind. This project was influenced by that scene and also mirrors the NWOBHM sound that was dominant when all 3 members were growing up in the scene in the 80s/90s era.

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Feb 012023

Roxx Records has the distinct pleasure to bring you an album that you may have thought you’ve heard before, but we promise you… you have NOT!

Back in 1988 Greg Minier, renowned guitarist for recording artist The Crucified, would venture out on his own. After the recording of the legendary debut self-titled album from The Crucified Greg Minier would venture out on his own a little bit. Greg had a bunch of songs he had worked on that didn’t necessarily fit in the mold of The Crucified, with more of a straight up metal feel to them. So what to do, he ventured in to the studio to record these tracks, seven tracks to be exact.

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Feb 012023

Roxx Records is excited to announce that we have officially signed Christian thrash legends Testimony of Apocalypse (Formerly known as Sacrament) to the label to release the bands sophomore release in late 2023 early 2024! We are stoked about this one!

But up first the album that started it all for these boys now known as TOA “None Escape The Judgement” is getting the Roxx Records vinyl treatment as a part of the exclusive ‘Roxx 100 Series’ You wont want to miss out on this one! This is a beautiful black vinyl version on 140g heavyweight vinyl. It was remastered especially for this vinyl release by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound for your optimal vinyl listening pleasure. The art consists of the original art from the debut album released last year, with a new layout and design exclusive to this release courtesy of Scott Waters of NLTM Graphics.

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Nov 192022

Well this year we really tried to out do ourselves! A Full Christmas music release and our first full official Christmas release from Roxx Records and NoLifeTilMetal Records

And this thing features KILLER new Music from The Brave and Latter Reign! In fact it features 4 new tracks from Latter Reign and 2 new tracks from The Brave!

If that is not enough for you, we have a brand new track from Puddleglum included here also. We also have a killer track from legendary East Coast Rockers MASS

In addition to that we included the classic Deliverance track ‘Silent Night’ (remastered) and a brand new soon to be classic track from BRIDE off of their just released album ‘Christmas’ and that is just the first half of the album! 

The second half of what is destined to be a Classic Christmas album for years to come, includes all the original Christmas tunes we released through the years on our annual Black Friday give away discs! Including tracks from Three Kings (previously only available on the Candy Cane EP 7″) as well as tracks from Chris ManningBioGenesisAfterWinterRainforceGrave Robber and The Sacrificed!

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