Aug 122022

“BROTALITY is band formed by 2 brothers based on faith, love & heavy music! We embrace the brutality of being counter-culture in today’s society.”

Ok so it’s always hard to critique a band that is on the same label as your own band, such as in this case and to be honest I don’t always enjoy it, but I am an impartial reviewer so regardless if you a friend or not or a fellow label mate or band I will always speak as it is, if you like it or don’t like it, it’s not my problem, but yours alone. I will still greet you down the depths of a dark alley.

So it was not so long ago that I was greeted with their first full length album, “Worldwide Desolation” in 2021 on Rottweiler Records. Certainly in my opinion one of the more important signings that Rottweiler Records has made and which was an impressive introduction to Brotality not only as a first full length album, but as a young band, both in its members and the band itself. Their progressively thrash leanings certainly outlaid a group with much talent and a bright future if they play their cards right. That onus also in part falls on the label which has in the meantime changed hands, and plays an important piece of the puzzle with the cards out laid before them, so let’s hope Rottweiler Records does not drop the ball with this band which could be one of the more important Christian metal bands going forward. To bring it all into context these young lads have opened for bands like Deep Purple and Judas Priest.

The Woods Will End You” really starts in my opinion with “Nose Dive”, it hits hard from start to finish and highlights the quality song writing skill of the band and their ability to smoothly transcend through the different movements and moods of their songs. An important quality for me is the retention of energy through a song with a band like Brotality, and this again is something they generally do well, and have matured into from their last album. These New York boys carry that New York aggression that is often harboured in the famous New York Hardcore scene into their brand of progressive influenced thrash metal. For me “Nose Dive” could pass the critics on a hardcore stage. Bryce’s hair by the way is metal in its own right and deserves some sort of metal hair award if there was such a thing.

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Dispraised – “Moral Rot”

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Jul 102022

Back in 2017, two friends Donovan de Necker and Tom Mong began talks of creating Dispraised. Both agreed to make something very different and special for Christian punk rock fans to enjoy. Enter a true punk rock sound and style created by the two that in and of itself offers a critique against the mundane that passes for “punk rock” and has become only little more than milquetoast elementary school ear fodder. Dispraised took on Justin Ram (of the Grave Robber, The Jericho Harlot fame) as their drummer who held the same convictions and critical ideals that the band had clearly aired. Justin began to record live drums for Dispraised’s first full-length album, “Moral Rot.” which was released on January 28, 2022.

The band quotes, “When one dispraises something it means they disapprove and offer criticism or complete disapproval. Sounds negative, right? Well, if you are on the wrong end of that criticism, it sure is! Yet, if you are upholding an absolute moral standard as laid out in as an authoritative truth text, then the world’s ever moving, constantly changing subjective moral relativism is primed on the chopping block for some seriously cutting critiques.” “Moral Rot is a project that captures and channels the cutting snark, criticism and outright attitude of some of the most renowned punk rock bands in music history. Dispraised holds nothing back and channels the aggressive anti-PC stance of such legendary punk/hardcore legends as Fear, Black Flag and the Bad Brains. The difference is Dispraised’s lyrics come from a faith filled Christian stance and are firmly rooted in scripture.”

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Jun 102022

Rottweiler Records has released “Volume 1” free for name your price download!

Rottweiler Records is a Dallas-area, Texas-based record label with a growing roster of devastatingly heavy artists in genres ranging from punk to death metal.

Rottweiler Records artists make real music for a real purpose and bring their “A Game” within their individual genres. We are looking for bold, prophetic men and women to make powerful music with a message of Hope and Truth.

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Feb 082022

As much as hardcore and thrash metal feeds off of aggression and challenging societal norms, Hyderabad, India-based NYHC influenced band R.A.I.D would pleasantly alter this belief with their Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) based ideology.

Beyond their PMA based lyrical content, the band brings together relentless double-bass drumming, groove-laden guitar work and the occasional breakdown. Following their sophomore album Imperium released in 2019 through Rottweiler Records, the hardcore/crossover thrash band has released a new song called ‘Alpha.

Frontman Rueban Issac says about the track:

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Feb 022022

Light Unseen recently signed with Rottweiler Records and releases “Visions Of Archetype & Apocalypse”. The album was previously released (2018) through Nosral Recordings. (review).

San Antonio’s Light Unseen, a deathgrind metal duo with sights set firmly on illuminating that which may be either not seen or unpredicted to audiences of extreme metal releases their first single to radio.

Light Unseen has been creating what they call “deathgrind for the soul” since 2016. Unsuspecting audiences at clubs, festivals, and for benefit events throughout their native Texas and beyond have seen Light Unseen shine their specific blend of oldschool death metal and new school grindcore. Light Unseen has no fear letting their intense, aggressive brand of metal radiate forth with power to any audience that would have them. Light Unseen shows no signs of slowing down their quest of illuminating love, joy, and peace unpredictably through the medium of very violent sounding metal.

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