Mar 112023

Rottweiler Records like to introduce you to Mythic Panda Records also on BandCamp, FB, and Instagram. While Rottweiler is the metal side, Mythic Panda Records is the non-metal side of the family!

Mythic Panda Records seeks to create a space for artists that have deep passion for searching, truth, and musical diversity.

Come check out the debut album and debut band from Mythic Panda Records, Sage Graye. Local Dallas indie band with a soul and voice that needs to be heard. Female fronted that will pull at your heart strings, introducing your newest addiction, welcome to the world Sage Graye!

Mythic Panda Records on Bandcamp / Facebook

Dec 192022

Crushing. Destructive. Ominous foreboding. Deathcore has a new flag to hoist as “Suffer To Rise” ushers in a sonic cluster of dynamic metal violence that will leave listeners weak in the knees. Christian deathcore band Voluntary Mortification have crafted quite thire debut record, one that brings both extreme metal and deathcore to a collide where the end result is invigorating, hopeful and empowering. Don’t sleep on this record!

Recently we conducted an interview with the guys in Voluntary Mortification. You can read it below:

TMR: Hey guys this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in Lansing, Michigan in these interesting times ?

VM: Oh you know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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Dec 022022

Loud Christian punk rockband Dispraised just released a lyric video for ‘Jab’. The song is taken from their latest album “Lines In The Dirt” which is released September 9 on Rottweiler Records.

Frontman Tom states: For the punks in the back that still have convictions and who haven’t been bought out by the global establishment that’s taken over our scene.

Check out the video below:

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Nov 192022

Coming from their Live “Beheaded in Vain” album, Broken Flesh absolutely are crushing death metal. Featuring their all-new vocalist, Jake Martin, “Buried Alive” has never sounded so brutal!

Recorded live in OKC, “Beheaded in Vain” is a live wrecking ball of brutal death metal. With the concert captured for blu-ray, this is just a sample of what’s to come!

“Beheaded in Vain” arrives December 2nd.

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Ninth Sphere – “Uriel” ep

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Nov 032022

When veterans from legendary black and death metal bands that include Mortification, Frost Like Ashes, and Sympathy get together expectations are high and Uriel from Ninth Sphere does not disappoint. Combining band members from Canada, the US, and Australia to form a death/black metal project, Jason Sherlock (Horde, Mortification), Nyk Edinger, aka Azahel (Frost Like Ashes), and Derek “Dharok” James-From (Sympathy) have created what can easily be described as a supergroup as their previous bands were notable in their own right and influenced so many other bands over the years.

Given the pedigree of the band, I had an idea of what to expect but even with that I was literally blown away by this ep. This is one of those releases that you simply must hear if you are a fan of black metal or blackened death metal. In strict terms, one could argue for both on the album depending on song or even parts of songs. Nyk Edinger’s vocals are instantly recognizable as similar to what he’s done with Frost Like Ashes in the past, the black metal shrieks are there as are the deeper raspy growled vocals. Derek James-From’s guitars really provide a soundscape with multiple parts layered in the mix and Jason Sherlock’s drumming includes everything from the expected blast beats to hyperfast double bass parts.

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