Dreamyth – Aletheia

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Aug 122023

Power metal band Dreamyth come onto the scene with their debut full length Aletheia, an album filled with everything one would expect in power metal from the heavy riffs, soaring vocals, and lush arrangements.

Dreamyth, a combination of dream and myth, is a Spanish melodic power metal band started in 2020 by guitarist Adrián Carrer0, drummer Davi Macarrilla, and vocalist Andrea Carrero.  For Aletheia, guitarist Dani González Suárez and keyboardist  Paolo Andreotti joined and Dani González Suárez recorded, mixed and mastered the album in his Estudios Dynamita studio.  For a band new on the scene, they were able to recruit some great guest talent to participate with guest vocals from  Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia)  and Eduardo Guilló (Sun of the Dying, Crusade of Bardos and a keyboard solo from Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind).  Production and mixing quality is excellent with all instruments clear in the mix and the vocals coming through very clearly if a bit too pronounced in the mix for my taste.

The album opens up with a keyboard –driven atmospheric  intro track featuring a spoken intro to set the stage.  In general, I’m not big fan of intro tracks but given the genre, this one works for me. “Odyssey” is the first real track on the album and did bring some surprises in the clean female lead vocals being offset by some death metal growls along the way from guest vocalist Eduardo Guilló.   The overall melody ends up being quite catchy and the use of a choral like backing in places works really well.  The female lead vocals are incredibly clear and strong and the tone is amazing and unique.  Being power metal, one would expect some great guitar work and that is the case here as well and there is a bit of restraint in the solo and some good songcraft working it seamlessly into the song.  Later in the album, Eduardo contributes more vocals in similar style on “The Curse of the Erinyes” and they work equally well there.

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Apr 142023

Celebrating the release of their debut album “Aletheia” via Rockshots Records, Spanish power melodic metal Dreamyth is welcoming fans to join them in ‘Dreamland’ with their latest music video featuring guest vocals from Primal Fear‘s Ralph Scheepers and a keyboard solo from Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind), which can be viewed at below.

Guitarist /composer Adrián Carrero adds:

“We arrive at one of the most significant tracks of the album, not only for the incredible vocal performance of Ralf Scheepers, but for being one of the songs that represent the sound of the band, in the same way as Aletheia, but a little more complex in terms of composition and arrangements.

A simple but forceful introduction gives way to a classic riff adorned with classic and modern instruments (organ and synthesizers) to create a unique atmosphere before the entrance of Mr. Ralf, who bursts in a somewhat mysterious way as if it were a dream, to then print a huge power to the voice. More than 6 minutes of song that surprises you, lifts you up, and leads you through its dynamics for a wonderful journey, you will not be disappointed.

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Apr 112023

Avaland returns with their second album, The Legend of the Storyteller, that is filled with all the theatrical symphonic metal and epic arrangements one would want and actually serves as a prequel in the Avaland saga.

Back in 2018, Adrien G Gzagg started Avaland with their debut album Theater of Sorcery being released in 2021. Avaland is a symphonic fantasy metal opera developed and composed by Adrien Gzagg who has influences ranging from Alan Parsons Project to Deep Purple to Avantasia, Ayreon, and Savatage, all of which come through in the metal opera’s sound. For The Legend of the Storyteller, Gzagg has brought in a number of guest vocalists including: Zak Stevens (ex-Savatage/TSO), Madie (ex-Nightmare/Faith In Agony), Pierre “Cara” Carabalona (Eltharia), Ivan Castelli (Lionsoul), Angèle Macabiès, Jens Ludwig (Edguy) and Bruno Ramos (Sortilège/ex-Manigance). For Gzagg, one of the goals of Avaland is to evoke a similar epic feeling as watching Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. For this release, drums & Vocals were recorded at Octavox Studio by Steven Rozier & Matthieu Budin, guitars and bass recorded by JP Francon, and mixing handled by Steven Rozier Master by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio Master Dolby Atmos by Ludovick Tartavel at Studio de La Grande Armée. Avaland is currently on tour through the end of April, supporting Rhapsody of Fire and Symphonity.

This being a fantasy, symphonic power metal album becomes quickly apparent in the opening track that is largely a narrator setting the stage with some orchestration supporting and it comes across a bit over the top. Thankfully the second track, “Crimson Tyranny” while starting off as a continuance of “The Vision” shifts gears into power metal supported by a great riff and solid vocals. This song serves as a good introduction to the band as well and the drumming from Léo Mouchonay stands out. Overall production is very clean and will mixed so all the instruments and choral parts come through clearly. The guest vocals work really well within the structure of the song and it does have that epic feel one would expect.

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Mar 312023

Fantasy symphonic power metal band France’s Avaland is celebrating the release of their sophomore full-length “The Legend of the Storyteller” out now as of March 31st, 2023 via Rockshots Records with their new music video ‘To Be The King’ featuring guest vocals from Pierre Carabalona (Eltharia) and guitar from Jens Ludwig (Edguy).

The band comments:
“We feel this is another great anthem track on the album and had the most sound in the roots of “Edguy traditions”, and it’s why we had to ask Jens Ludwig to make a solo on it. It’s such an honour to him a part of it as the band has been one of our influences in heavy metal. He did a great job!” We also like to say welcome to an epic, symphonic and bombastic album for a 1H trip to the magical world of Avaland!”

Watch and listen to ‘To Be The King’ ft. Pierre Carabalona (Eltharia) and Jens Ludwig (Edguy) below.

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Dec 202022

Rockshots Records is proud to announce the signing of french epic and symphonic metal opera Avaland for the release of their next album “The Legend Of The Storyteller” next March 2023.

In support of their second album, Avaland will tour in April 2023 with Sortilege and Rhapsody of Fire on their “Glory For Salvation” European Tour!

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