Bride – “Are You Awake?”

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Aug 122023

Could this be the last Bride album? It seems like this line has been tossed around for decades since “Tsar Bomba” if not earlier. There is a greater chance now than ever, but why should we worry? Much like the apocalypse, we know not the hour when Bride will stop rocking, but for now let’s turn our attention to the newest offering of the Early Fathers of Christian Metal.

For those that are new to Bride, they have been making music in one form or another since 1983. The constant nucleus of the band are brothers Dale and Troy Thompson who handle vocals and guitars respectively. They have adapted to the musical trends while keeping their own approach to evangelical hard rock and metal. With many long-running bands, there are questions around what to expect; what have they played now that they haven’t played yet? Is it better than their hallmark record (which would be “Snakes on the Playground” for Bride)?

“Are You Awake?” is an incredibly catchy, true-to-form Bride record from top to bottom. Twelve tracks of metal-infused hard rock that connect together to form a cohesive work that would play well next to “Snakes” but show a musical maturity from a four decade career. They thrive at the higher tempos with in-your-face lyrics, but take breaks to show their musical sensitivity with slower heavier tunes like “12 O’Clock Apocalypse” and the ballad “All I Wanted.” Although this isn’t my go-to style, the record has grown on me with each play.

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Saint – “Heaven Fell” : Album Review

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Aug 022023

The metal legends are back! Thirty-eight years since they released their debut “Warriors of the Son” back in 1984, they released their 11th studio album, “Heaven Fell.” Saint had a strong start in the 80s with two albums garnering comparisons to heavy weights Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. But after “Too Late for Living” they disappeared. After a false restart with the EP “The Perfect Life,” Saint rebooted in earnest for the album “In the Battle” in 2004. Since then, they have remained active although line up changes leaves bassist Richard Lynch as the last remaining original Saint member.

“Heaven Fell” is a solid energetic heavy metal album that captivates the listener with epic moments throughout. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear how they really refined their craft over the years to deliver high quality heavy metal that expands beyond the rubrics of the 1980s. They play a classic heavy metal that borders on thrash and make plenteous use of instrumental breaks and build-ups to lead the listener to a summit of emotional energy.

Many of the tracks are up-tempo thrashers, like “Creature,” “Vengeance” and “The Exile of Cain.” I particularly like the feel of “Creature” musically while the lyrics are somewhat an enigma to me. The style on these songs are really their wheelhouse, but thankfully they also provide some contrast. “Dance of the Gods” is a more down-tempo tune that feels almost like sludge metal. The pseudo-ballad “The Chosen One” is the longest track on the album and illustrates some of Saint’s more dynamic songwriting. Although quite a solid song, I thought that “Heaven Fell” wasn’t as epic a closer as I hoped. It’s a mid-tempo heavy tune, but doesn’t reach the same epic heights as some of the earlier tracks.

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Bride – “Here Is Your God”

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Apr 302021

So you into the Christian metal music scene then you have got to have heard of the band Bride, right? Well I am assuming you have, Bride has been around recording material since about 1983 under the name Matrix originally if I am not mistaken, changed to the name Bride think around 1986, so if you are tallying up experience in the industry, that is 38 years in the business. They have including this just in their main album releases 16 albums available in their catalogue to reference to, that’s a mighty large volume of music to sink your teeth into, and certainly from a standing the test of time perspective, there is much validation in that catalogue to be had regarding their musical ability and importance in the world’s heavy metal scene. They are certainly for me from a Christian metal and hard rock historical point of view one of the main metal bands to come out of the scene, and they have by all accounts cemented themselves as a large influence in the metal and hard rock Christian scene itself, particularly in places like Brazil. It does not mean that they have not had their ups and downs concerning their albums, and appeal of their albums, but certainly in their catalogue there are no albums you feel need to be avoided like a plague. Stylistically Bride incorporated many variations of styles of music into their brand as they matured over the years.

There are definitive periodic lines that one can draw, in terms of particular Bride era’s in their sound. It’s probably one of the attributes that I love most about the band and maybe one of the things that has kept Bride over the years relevant and musically progressive as a band. They certainly have not pandered or towed the line of a specific stylistic genre in the metal music scene. Thus it’s kept their flavour original, and consistently fresh in my mind, and you get a sense they enjoy experimenting and pushing the envelope of their sound, thus continuingly offering new variations of their sound release to release. Even when they choose to double back on previous styles and bring it a new to the fans, it’s introduced to the listener with a fresh reference. This is where “Here Is Your God” enters, the latest album release from Bride.

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Feb 122021

After a “brief” hiatus, Bristol (UK) based experimental thrashers Detritus are back. Building on the success of their first two albums “Perpetual Defiance” (1990) and “If But For One” (1993), “Myths” hits you hard in the soul, wondering from which direction the next punch is coming. Delicate and brutal, driving rhythms, melody and a complex wall of sound will leave you wondering how you lived without them for so long….for fans of Celtic Frost, Triptykon, later era Seventh Angel, Believer, Possessed and Sodom.

“Myths” will be released February 19th on Embryo Industries Ltd (vinyl and digital) and on CD by Retroactive Records.

We have created a pantheon of dark gods, a legion of devils more terrifying than anything from our folktales and histories. We have fallen beneath the whips of new overlords; priests of intolerance, violence, hypocrisy and unreasoning judgement. We lay placating tribute at the altars of greed and hate as we walk our endless, unchanging rounds in darkness. Now is the time for simple heroes with the courage to look up and see the light, the bravery to lay down their weapons and open their arms, the strength to step from the path and disbelieve the myths that bind us to destruction.

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Dec 282019

Deny the Fallen are pleased to announce that they havth.e officially been signed by Retroactive Records

Deny The Fallen want to say a huge thank you to Matt Hunt and the crew for trusting and believing in our ministry and music… As a band Especially when you’re bi-vocational it’s difficult to try to handle everything on your own, and now we can do it right… The official release of Symptoms of Eternity is now available for pre-order at Boone’s Overstock.

Deny the Fallen is the new band featuring Rey Parra of Sacred Warrior, and more recently, Worldview fame. Also featured in this lineup is another Sacred Warrior alumni, Jonathan Johnson, with this marking their first time collaborating since 1991’s “Obsession” release.

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