May 202023

Danish/American band, Pyramaze, will release their new album, “Bloodlines,” on June 23 via AFM Records. A video for the new single, ‘Alliance’, featuring Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum, The Dark Side Of The Moon) on guest vocals, below.

The band comments: “‘Alliance’ is Pyramaze’s first collaboration with the ever so talented Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Kamelot) and is the bands first true ballad since ‘The Tides That Won’t Change’ from the “Contingent” album. We are all so honoured and humbled that Melissa lent us her amazing talent for this epic collaboration.”

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Apr 282023

Pyramaze founder and guitarist Michael Kammeyer, known to be the mastermind behind the first three classic and highly praised Pyramaze albums, has been in songwriting mode for the first time in years, and has released a new single called ‘Children of Time’. The song features musicians from Pyramaze, both past line-up and current members (Jonah Weingarten, Morten G. Soerensen, Niels Kvist) + vocalist extraordinaire Nicklas Sonne (Defecto).

The new single is a 7+ minutes epic story of brilliant and soaring melodic/symphonic heavy metal with a hard edge. Kammeyer retired from Pyramaze over 10 years ago to pursue other goals, and has only occasionally popped up to do guest performances with Pyramaze.

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Mar 302023

Danish/American band, Pyramaze, will release their new album, “Bloodlines, on June 23 via AFM Records.  Watch a video for the new single, ‘Fortress’, below.

Pyramaze are an exceptional phenomenon in the international, heavy music scene: Their sound brings along numerous traditional melodic and progressive metal trademarks, but gets an immensely high recognition value by their unique feeling for great melodies. The band is known for their technical finesse and unique arrangements, often melodic and atmospheric, and frequently including complex guitar riffs and solos supported by synthetic sounds. 

In recent years, Pyramaze has played on many stages in Europe and North America, demonstrating their energetic live performance and impressive musical skills. They have built a loyal fan base and is considered by many metal fans as one of the most innovative and talented bands of their generation.

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Sep 142022

“Melancholy Beast”, the classic debut album from Pyramaze will be released on vinyl for the first time on November 11th via Inner Wound Recordings. The album was originally released in 2004. There will be 150 copies on black vinyl, 75 copies on white vinyl and 75 copies on clear vinyl.

Michael Kammeyer comments:
“Dear Pyra-Warriors! It’s been a long time coming. But all good things take time! Finally, with the aid of the one and only Inner Wound Recordings, we will release a special limited-edition vinyl of our classic debut album Melancholy Beast, originally published back in 2004.

To make this release even more special, the first 100 copies pre-ordered from the Inner Wound Store will include a beautiful art print by illustrator and comic artist extraordinaire Mr. Hans “Hanzo” Steinbach, where he has skillfully created his own interpretation of the Melancholy Beast character.

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