May 102017

Slechtvalk keyboard player Premnath Gonesh has released a new single ‘War of the Ancients’. He says: “Especially for the Slechtvalk fans. The classical version of ‘The War Of The Ancients”. The track is available on iTunes, Spotify. (Links below).

‘War Of The Ancients’ is taken from Slechtvalk’s second album, “The War That Plagues the Lands” which has been released in 2002 through Fear Dark Records. The album reached No. 2 at Lowland’s Top 50 Metal Charts.

Premnath‘s second solo album “Circumstantia” has been released in November 2014. Continue reading »

Jun 202016

premnath_2014_a4eSlechtvalk keyboard player Premnath Gonesh has checked in with the following update:  ‘Check out my new single ‘Relief’ , soon available on iTunes as well! Enjoy! Tune in, press play, close your eyes and forget all the misery in this world.’

Click here to listen on Spotify.

Premnath‘s second solo album “Circumstantia” has been released in November 2014. Continue reading »

Dec 282014

Premnath Gonesh - Circumstantia Whilst you may know Premnath Gonesh as the keyboard player for Slechtvalk, you may not know about his solo project. His first album was ‘A Journey Through The Depths Of The Soul’ (2012), which he has followed up with ‘Circumstantia’ (2014). He explained “After years of depression I started composing songs on the piano which tells the way I felt at the time till now. Light classical, dark, dreamy & heavenly piano pieces straight from my heart”.

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Jul 142014

La-Ventura-2014-03Two new acts for Brainstorm Festival 2014 are added to this years line-up: La Ventura (NL) and Premnath (NL). La Ventura plays melodic metal with a lady behind the microphone, such a band was still missing on the coming edition. The second one is Premnath (keyboard player of Slechtvalk) he plays melancholic, dark piano music. Just a break between all the metal violence!

Also confirmed for this year’s festival are: Orphaned Land (IS), Gloryhammer [UK], Crimson Moonlight (S), Veni Domine [S], The 11th Hour (NL) & Safe Mode (S), Despicable Heroes [NL].  In total 10 bands will be featured mainstage, plus several extra shows will take place in the theater of the festival.

La Ventura‘s latest album, is called “White Crow”, the album is the follow up to 2007’s “A New Beginning” The album has been released in 2013 with an independent pre-release for the Benelux and in March 2014 the album was officially released in Europe via Ravenheart Music Records. Continue reading »

May 112012

When I was asked to review this album, I was told that it wasn’t metal, so I was not sure what to expect. Premnath Gonesh is the keyboard player for the band Slechtvalk, and this is his first solo album/project.

Not having much information on this album, I anxiously copied the songs to my iPod and started listening. What I found, much to my surprise, was 11 tracks of beautiful and inspiring instrumental music, which I believe is mostly done on keyboards and synthesizers. So let’s step through the album 1 song at a time.

The first song, “Sounds from the Otherside”, starts out with a piano and timpani, and then some strings kick in. After listening for about 30 seconds, I find myself relaxed, and swept away to another place and another time. The song is 3:12 in length, and at the end of the song, I am wondering where the time went. Pretty much most of the song is piano, strings, keyboards, and timpani. However, the song is well composed and as I stated, took me on a journey that, when over, I immediately wanted more. Continue reading »