P.J.F. – “See It Through” (ep)

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May 172023

P.J.F, the side project of Christian punk band Peter118 has released a five song ep of punk and rock tracks leaning a bit away from the punk of Peter118 but still strong in their Christian message.

P.J.F., Put Jesus First, is an interesting side project from Peter (Szczepanski ) Field (Senseless, Ambassadors of Shalom, Peter 118).  I’m not sure the whole story here, but the title track actually dates back to at least 2020, so there must be some story there.  Peter118 has a bit of success and notoriety when the band’s 2016 Need You More ep caught the interest of legendary DJ Rodney Bengenheimer and the band’s video started getting some mainstream airplay.  Peter118 released an Anthology and live album in 2018 and that was the last I heard from them.

“See it Through” opens up the ep and is the track that has been around at least in video form since at least 2020 and from the opening, one can pick up that there is more of rock tone and structure to the song than the catchy melodic punk from Peter118, so there are some differences here.  My ears some early grunge influence going on reminiscent of something from Nirvana Bleach and then there is a pretty solid guitar solo to mix things up.

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Apr 252023

Thumper Punk Records is thrilled to release “See It Through” from PJF, the rock and metal side project from Stoke-on-Trent, England, based pop-punk legend Peter118. This album has all the melodic goodness of a Peter118 release, but features louder more gritty vocals, pummeling drums and masterful metal guitar shredding. Five songs to rattle your senses, and uplift your spirits.

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Aug 152020

Uk band PJF (Put Jesus First) is a side project of Peter118. This is their debut single- ‘See it through’. A mixture of rock, metal and pop punk. The single is to be released on the 18th August on Raven Faith Records.

The video for ‘See It Through’ can be seen below.

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