Apr 172022

This song is a cover of Pantokrators song ‘Via Dolorosa’ performed by Melech. The song was originally written in 1997 by Mattias Johansson and later recorded and released on Pantokrators second demo “Even unto the ends of the earth” in 1998.

This version is interpreted, rewritten and rearranged by Rickard Jachin Gustafsson.

Melech is a side project from Ricke and Karl of Swedish death metal band Pantokrator and exist as an additional creative outlet. All music is written and performed by Rickard, lyrics by Karl. 

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Dec 142021

‘The Last Cheek’ is the fifth song from Pantokrator‘s brutal 2021 album “Marching Out of Babylon”. And here we are so lucky to be presenting the lyric video for this fantastic melody!
The date of release is no coincidence either – the 13th of December, 25 years ago, was the first ever Pantokrator performance on stage. Celebrate the pantoversary together with us!

Pantokrator long-awaited new album “Out of Babylon” has been released Jan. 29 via Nordic Mission Productions.

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Apr 232021

Pantokrator are back, bringing their refined take on melodic death metal with Marching Out of Babylon.

Formed some 25 years ago in 1996, Pantokrator have taken their time in releasing music but despite a relatively small catalog, the band has built a reputation as one of the elite in melodic death metal, coming from Sweden where the genre is well established. Starting in 2003 with Blod, the band has gone on to release only 3 other full length albums, Aurum (2007), Incarnate (2014) and now Marching out of Babylon (2021). During the intervening years, there were demos, eps, splits, and appearances on compilations to keep the band from being forgotten. For those wondering about the pedigree of band members, several have come from the likes of Crimson Moonlight and Sanctifica. As if that weren’t enough, Marching out of Babylon was mixed by Jani Stefanovic (Miseration, Solution .45) who also plays a solo on “Crossroads” and features Rebecka Gustafsson on vocals for the title track, “We the People”, and “Phoenix Rising”, Mund (Skald in Veum) adding vocals on “Phoenix Rising”, and CJ Grimmark (Narnia, Savior Machine) adding a solo to “Wedlock”. The band indicates the album was actually recorded over several years in several locations across Sweden with lyrics written from 2001 to 2019, perhaps not surprising for a band that has been around as long as Pantokrator.

Almost as if the band simply couldn’t wait to get to the music, Marching out of Babylon wastes no time jumping straight into “Day of Wrath”. A fast, heavy riff, accompanied by ultra-fast drumming from Rickard Gustafsson kick the song into high gear. Throw in a melodic chorus section into the track and Karl Walfridsson’s gruff, raspy shouted vocals and you have a great introduction to Swedish melodic death metal. Production is very good, to the point that Gustafssons drum work is clearly heard in the mix which in and of itself is amazing at times to hear the faster than a machine gun bass drumming.

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Jan 292021

Pantokrator long-awaited new album “Out of Babylon” is released yesterday (Jan. 29). In case you have missedthe live stream of the release party yesterday, no problem. Watch it in the video below.

This Album was recorded by Pantokrator over several years in several locations in southern Sweden from east to west. Thematically it is the intersection of all former Pantokrator Albums, it’s lyrics were written and rewritten from 2001-2019.

Also featuring C.J Grimmark – solo on Wedlock, Jani Stefanovic – solo on Crossroads, Rebecka Gustafsson – vocals on Marching out of Babylon, We the People and Phoenix rising, Mund – vocals on Phoenix rising – All Choirs written and arranged by Rickard Gustafsson

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Jan 082021

We the people’ is the new single from Swedish metal band Pantokrator, the song appears on their long-awaited new album “Marching out of Babylon” to be released January 29th through Nordic Mission Productions. Watch the music video below.

This Album was recorded by Pantokrator over several years in several locations in southern Sweden from east to west. Thematically it is the intersection of all former Pantokrator Albums, it’s lyrics were written and rewritten from 2001-2019.

Also featuring C.J Grimmark – solo on Wedlock, Jani Stefanovic – solo on Crossroads, Rebecka Gustafsson – vocals on Marching out of Babylon, We the People and Phoenix rising, Mund – vocals on Phoenix rising – All Choirs written and arranged by Rickard Gustafsson

Timon Kokott have outdone himself with an artwork you have never seen before. It is way to big for a LP cover, so we made a A2 poster that also works as an inlay for the LP. Limited to 300 copies worldwide on BLACK vinyl.

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