Feb 012023

Long-running metalcore act Demon Hunter have announced that they will continue the 20 Years of Exile Tour in April with a number of US dates. The first leg of the tour began in 2022 and commemorated two decades since Demon Hunter released their debut album, Demon Hunter.

Because 20 Years in Exile is supposed to be a celebration of Demon Hunter’s career, the band will play songs from all eleven of their albums. Demon Hunter haven’t played numerous cities on this tour in nearly a decade, so if you’ve been craving a career-spanning set from Seattle-based metalcore band Demon Hunter and you live in one of those cities, this is your chance.

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Jun 222022

Recent Solid State Records signing Opponent recently launched a music video for the track ‘Fading’ from their new album “Sentinel“. The aforementioned label hat that record scheduled for a July 08th release date.

“There’s something inside all of us that knows we can’t put up a fight forever, even if the fight is to accept reality. ‘Fading‘ is a song about the realization that fear, doubt, and anxiety all cloud the light we have within.

The light of hope, that we can triumph over struggle, is a light that can fade, and there is nothing more terrifying than seeing that your own is in process of fading out. Like a young flame in the wilderness, even a brittle wind can extinguish the only thing that brings life. ‘Fading‘ is sung from a place of seeing that flame flickering in and out of a fragile existence.”

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May 062022

Opponent is a metal band from Seattle, WA fronted by vocalist, guitarist, & videographer Andy Maier

They have joined the Solid State Records family. Check out the video for their new single ‘Betrayed’ below.

Lighting Director: James McKenna / R90 Lighting
Director of Photography: Zac Schwiet

Stream ‘Betrayed’ wherever you get your music — https://ffm.to/betrayed

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