Jul 172021

‘Nothing Sacred’ embodies the early era of Klayton‘s Circle of Dust project, delivering stark percussion and a gritty atmosphere guided by the artist’s stoic vocal delivery. The 25th Anniversary Edition adds sonic depth and nuance to the recording for a fresh take on a timeless track.

Klayton says: “The day I got the first sampler I ever owned was the day I created Nothing Sacred. Experimenting with the sampler, coming up with a few sounds ( including lots of drums from the Ensoniq Floppy Disks that came with it), and then playing with the built-in sequencer led to the main progression that runs through the entire song. I’m grateful that 25 years later I could readdress the mix and give you a version of the song that sounds a lot closer to what I originally intended. Enjoy!”

The song can be streamed below.

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Mar 132016

Circle_of_Dust_remastered_cd7Circle of Dust recently returned after nearly 20 years, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by visionary artist/producer Klayton is back in the scene. The self-titled album (originally released in 1992) is re-released last week (March 4). On what dates the other 4 albums will be reissued can be seen on the flyer below.

‘Nothing Sacred’ – remixed by Blue Stahli can be streamed in the video below. Here is a message from Blue Stahli:

“Circle of Dust has long been one of my favorite musical projects, and the self-titled album has always been my favorite from the catalog (specifically the 1995 version, leading my friends and I to just always refer to it as “Circle 95”), so it’s amazing to have this souped up, remastered, hybridized re-release with all the best bits and then some. This is one of those albums that I would save listening to only at night in headphones, and later on when I could finally take long drives, would only play when cruising through areas that were inspiring to me, so I could have the perfect atmosphere for experiencing the album. Circle of Dust not only got me through some of the hardest times in my life, but also inspired me to put songs together myself. Continue reading »