Aug 082023

NoLifeTilMetal Records is excited to be bringing you the killer new release from LA thrashers Anger As Art.

You may read a number of bios where bands extol their virtues of being the next big thing, as important as Led Zeppelin, inventor of the wheel…

Anger As Art doesn’t do that. They don’t need to.

To know what Anger As Art is, one can look at what they have been since 2004. A first rate, old school, thrash metal band – rooted in the history created by the members of the band. Take one look at their lineage – members of Abattoir, EvilDead, Bloodlust, Hirax, Death, Manowar, Raven, Heretic, Bitch,… and know where they are going.

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Jun 202023

NoLifeTilMetal Records is stoked to bring you a very special 2 disc limited edition set of the classic thrash album “There Will Be Blood” by Vindicator

Vindicator is turning 18 years old this year and to celebrate they are completely remastering and reissuing the bands classic debut album, which is 15 years old this year!

This gorgeous 2 disc set contains the entire debut album completely remastered along with some very special recordings on the bonus disc. The band tracked down this old dusty song entitled ‘Fog of War’ (originally featured only on their “Rehearsal Demo”) and re-recorded it with original vocalist Marshall Law on vocals.

In addition, this limited edition set also features a ton more demos, different mixes and some previously unreleased live tunes all of tracks from the history of this monumental thrash album. Also featuring dazzling new cover art and a completely killer layout and design for this very special reissue.

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May 102023

NoLifeTilMetal Records is excited to announce after two years of work, we finally have a release date for the new album! “Reach The Sky” from Chris Manning which will be released on Friday, August 25th on limited-edition vinyl, CD, and streaming formats.

No Life Til Metal Records will offer both vinyl and CD formats which will feature all lyrics, images, and liner notes as well as an extra track ‘Someday’.

Legendary KISS and current Grand Funk guitarist Bruce Kulick returns as the album’s creative consultant and is the featured soloist on the first single ‘Fly Over The Walls’.

Vocalist extraordinaire and co-writer Cris Hodges (Pistols At Dawn) who was featured on ‘Destination’ returns to provide his one-of-a-kind vocal talents and catchy hooks to a diverse set of melodic rock/metal songs.

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Primal – “Humachine”

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Mar 222023

Primal return with their sophomore album Humachine, an album filled with elements from early thrash bands.

Primal first gained notoriety with the release of their self-titled debut album as they featured members from bands like HIrax and Deliverance as well as the Argentinian bands V8 and Logos. Just like with their debut, Humachine was produced by Grammy –winner Iggy Elisabetsky at D-Organization Studios in Los Angeles with mastering done by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Studios in Texas.

Humachine opens up with “The Cage”, a song with a catchy, heavy riff driving a song that retains a sense of melody. Being my first exposure to the band, I hear element of late 80s-early 90s metal and thrash and to my ears the overall sound and production seems a bit like a throwback to that era. Everything is clear in the mix but the low end seems a bit lost. Alberto Zamarbide’s vocals are smooth and mostly stay in relatively neutral space avoiding the high and low registers.

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Feb 182023

NoLifeTilMetal Records and Sliptrick Records are proud to announce the brand new full length album from Florida based symphonic power metal band, Absolon.

Created by Ken Pike (of Malachia fame) in 2012, Absolon is an exciting and dynamic American heavy metal band. Combining one part traditional NWOBHM, one part European metal, and one part modern symphonic power metal. Absolon has managed to create a sound and style that is all their own, a new sound, yet a familiar one. If you’re into bands like Queensryche, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Kamelot, you are going to love Absolon.

This is the bands sophomore release entitled “A Portrait of Madness” a concept album that will truly appeal to those that love albums like “Operation Mindcrime.” Similarly, the bands debut album released independently, was a concept album entitled “Darkness Rising – The Tale of Derek Blackheart” which was released to much praise in the symphonic metal genre.

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