Nov 042022

This week, Rockfest Records announced the new band World Gone Cold. This is a supergroup band comprised of members from rock bands Disciple (Andrew Stanton), The Letter Black (Mark Anthony), nu-metal band P.O.D. (Traa Daniels), metal bands Demon Hunter (Yogi Watts), and lastly, Inhale Exhale (Ryland Raus).

They launched a teaser trailer (below) with the announcement that said, “You’ve listened to our music for years, but you’ve never heard us together.” 

World Gone Cold deliver massive hard rock anthems, powerful enough to move icy mountains, thawing the avalanche of frustration and alienation, keeping many of us frozen in place. A huge wall of guitars, fluid bass rumble, monstrous drums, and soaring vocals coalesce into an explosive mixture of heavy groove and melodic hooks, shaking the earth with unbridled abandon.

A combination of organic metal might and rock radio-ready songwriting comprise the foundation of a band that began as one man’s solo outlet and quickly transformed into an unprecedented supergroup. This new band arrives armed with songs akin to the timeless catchiness of Rob Zombie or Nine Inch Nails, with the postmodern urgency of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and I Prevail.

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