Jan 262023

Marco Garau’s Magic Opera return with another concept album filled with all the technical and theatrical elements symphonic power metal has to offer.

Two years ago in 2021, Marco Garau reached out to The Metal Resource and asked if we’d be willing to review the debut album from Marco Garau’s Magic Opera, The Golden Pentacle. I was the one lucky enough to get the album and definitely was impressed. When the time came this time around, I knew what to expect. For those not in the know, Marco hails from the Milan-based power metal band Derdian, who have been around for nearly two decades at this point. The only changes to the band I noticed was the addition of Luca Selitto on lead guitar and Ollie Bernstein coming in for bass work which shifts Enrico Pistolese to guitars. As one would expect, production and mixing are very clean and polished and possibly a bit too much for my liking but certainly not out of place in the genre. As for the story with this concept album, it essentially picks up where The Golden Pentacle left off and is the second installment of the “Amtork Saga” written by Garau. In the fantasy storyline, you have the classic good vs evil storyline with dragons and wizards and castles, all expected in an epic storyline.

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