Mar 082023

When you mix parts Antestor, Grave Declaration, and Vaakevandring and then add in “boredom and bad choices” you get Luteøks and what amounts to a black metal masterpiece with a healthy dose of black comedy thrown in for good measure.

Norway is known for producing great black metal bands and two of them have gotten together in what could be a supergroup project with Luteøks. Having members from Grave Declaration and the legendary Antestor, sets expectations high. Then when you read about potential comedic elements for the album but most of the song titles are in Norwegian, one begins to wonder. Thankfully, there have been some posts on the band’s Facebook page with the song titles and from that one does see there may be some humor involved. I managed to get ahold of the lyrics and with the aid of google translate, it becomes clear.

From the very beginning of “Dritfjell”, the black metal in the vein of Antestor and Grave Declaration really jumps out and is unmistakable. From the characteristic guitar riffs, to the blast beats, to the raspy, growled vocals, this is black metal that I would have instantly thought was Antestor. Lyrically, the song is apparently about a mountain and has some great lines (in Norwegian). Roughly translated, we get,

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Jul 152017

Barely true Norwegian black metal band Luteøks is a side project of Grave Declaration members. Check out a new song ‘Sekken’ (demo) below.

The first two songs ‘Ljåen’ ‘Svart’ are released late April, check them out here.

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Apr 252017

Barely true Norwegian black metal band Luteøks is a side project of Grave Declaration members. They just checked in with the following:

“We’re so true we made 2 songs in 1 night. The first one ‘Ljåen’ wasn’t black enough, so we made a song called ‘Svart.’

Check out the two songs in the video’s below.


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