Oct 182022

After a 12 year wait, the power metal band Kaledon return with Chapter VII in their Legend of the Forgotten Reign saga, beginning a new trilogy based on the series.

Kaledon traces its roots back to 1998 as an idea of guitarist Alex Mele and the band released the first chapter in the Legend of the Forgotten Reign saga in 2002. Through 2010, the band continued the saga culminating in the first six chapters with Chapter VI: The Last Night on the Battlefield. During this time frame the band changed labels a couple of times and then from 2010-2016 the band toured Europe playing with the likes of Lordi and Rhapsody of Fire as well as headlining. Fast forward another 5 years and the band is beginning a new trilogy based on the Legend of the Forgotten Reign saga with the first installment being Chapter VII: Evil Awakens. For this new album the band recruited Nocoletta Rosellni (Kalidia, Walk in Darkness) to add vocals for “The Story Comes to an End” and James Mills (Hostile) adding vocals on “A Strike from the Unknown”. In addition to vocal duties, Michele Guaitoli mixed and mastered the album at Groove Factory Studio.

As one might expect given this is Chapter VII in a power metal saga, the albums opens up with an instrumental track filled with choirs, keyboards, and orchestral elements to set the tone and announce the arrival of the album, which explodes into the very fast beginning of “At the Gates of the Realms”. Even though Kaledon has been around for 24 years and released 11 albums, this was my first exposure to them and being a power metal fan, this album hooked me early in the second track. Michele Guaitoli’s vocals are perfect for power metal, with range and power and smooth delivery. The eerie interlude in the song with harsh whispered vocals and keyboards, breaks up the song nicely and the keyboard and guitar solos are well placed and performances are strong.

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Sep 142022

“Melancholy Beast”, the classic debut album from Pyramaze will be released on vinyl for the first time on November 11th via Inner Wound Recordings. The album was originally released in 2004. There will be 150 copies on black vinyl, 75 copies on white vinyl and 75 copies on clear vinyl.

Michael Kammeyer comments:
“Dear Pyra-Warriors! It’s been a long time coming. But all good things take time! Finally, with the aid of the one and only Inner Wound Recordings, we will release a special limited-edition vinyl of our classic debut album Melancholy Beast, originally published back in 2004.

To make this release even more special, the first 100 copies pre-ordered from the Inner Wound Store will include a beautiful art print by illustrator and comic artist extraordinaire Mr. Hans “Hanzo” Steinbach, where he has skillfully created his own interpretation of the Melancholy Beast character.

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Aug 232022

Angel Nation, the melodic metal band founded by the classically trained Finnish singer Elina Siirala (also in Leaves’ Eyes) will reissue their debut album “Tears of Lust” on CD and digital on October 7th via Inner Wound Recordings.
The album was originally released under the band name EnkElination in 2014 before the band changed their name to Angel Nation in 2016.

Angel Nation comments:
“We’re excited to announce a brand new re-release of our first album ‘Tears of Lust’ on 7th October 2022 via Inner Wound Recordings. The idea that originated from the fans has materialized! The new pressing will include a full history of the album written by Elina, new pictures and of course the album cover with the new band name! Also included are three bonus tracks: ‘Do It Anyway’, ‘Devil’s Voice Inside’ (remixed and remastered) and ‘Fly Away’

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Angel Nation – “Antares”

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Apr 292022

Five years have passed since Angel Nation released Aeon and the band led by vocalist Elina Siirala (Leaves Eyes) is back with their third album Antares, which is sure to please fans of melodic power metal.

A magnificent ballad orchestration can be heard by the guest musician Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze). The striking artwork is created by Jobert Mello (Sabaton, Primal Fear) and the stellar job of mixing and mastering is done by Alexander Krull (Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity) at Mastersound Studio.

Back in 2011 Elina Siirala, ventured away from her classical opera background and started Angel Nation under the name EnkeliNation (Finnish for Angel Nation). As the story goes, the actual origin of the band goes back even farther to a time when Elina moved to London in the UK for vocal studies and fell in love with rock and metal. When her studies ended she formed the band originally joined by guitarist Shadow (Empyreal Destroyer, Stand Aside) and the first years of the band were spent playing shows around London and enduring lineup changes. In 2012 the band released a three song ep and in 2014 a video for the song “Tears of Lust” which gained them notoriety in the scene. That year saw the release of the album Tears of Lust and the band headlining shows and getting a slot at the Bloodstock Festival. In 2015, the band played some shows with Leaves Eyes, wrote and recorded Aeon, and changed the name of the band to the English translation. The time with Leaves Eyes provided a bit of foreshadowing as Elina became their vocalist in 2016. For the third Angel Nation album, the band brought in guest musician Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze) and had mastering and mixing done by Alexander Krull (Leaves Eyes, Atrocity) at Mastersound Studios with Jobert Mello providing some stunning artwork.

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Jan 272022

Power Quest, the renowned melodic power metal band based in the UK will reissue their debut album “Wings of Forever” on limited vinyl on March 25th via Inner Wound Recordings. There will be 150 copies on black vinyl and 150 copies on white/black marble vinyl.

Steve Williams of Power Quest comments
“Wow! Has it really been 20 years since we released the Wings of Forever album? Time certainly flies and without doubt more so as we get older, at least that’s the impression I get these days.

20 years.. amazing and in some ways we need to go back a further 20 years to 1982 or thereabouts when I was first getting into rock and metal, learning piano and basically dreaming about being in a rock band, making a record and touring the world. So after 20 years of hopes and dreams it really was incredible to finally release an album, see it in the shops and all that good stuff.

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