Anthea – “Illusion”

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Oct 252020

Anthea, an American Symphonic metal band formed in 2015 based out of California, are out with their debut album “Illusion. The album releases on the 23rd October under the record label of Rockshots records. The band has been active for quite sometime and have been known to kill it on stage; with their tight performance they definitely lure in the crowds. Well I wasn’t able to get much on the bands journey since their formative years, so I decided to jump right on to the album and give it a spin.

The album opens up with “Reach” with immense power and prose filling the soundscape, we oscillate from clean vocals to screams, duel it out on the guitars and keys, the song maintains its melody setting forth the onset of the album. “Eclipse” blasts off with a symphonic aura that resonates and surrounds while the vocals picks up the rugged ruthlessness to progress the song to the next bar. What surprises are the tweaks added every now and then giving an element of mystery making it truly an incredible prog track.

“Moirai” takes us on a duet, with collaborations from Chiara and Diego, and as the vocals hits high and eerie notes, giving the song an atmospheric soundscape, which coupled with the melody running parallel and culminating back to where it begins, but wait changing scales abruptly makes this song a treat to listen to . With “Illusion” we foray into aggression and fast paced riffs rummaging between the deathly growls neatly packed with an amazing amount of melody. There are some interesting sound arrangements which makes it a great listen, not only did I enjoyed the guitar rhythm variations that’s embedded into the songs’ core, but also how all the sparse elements come together onto this song.

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Sep 302020

Symphonic Power Metal band Anthea have revealed a new video for the track ‘Illusion’ taken from the upcoming debut album which wil be released October 23rd via Rockshots Records.

The band comment: “The title song of the album, Illusion, is one of our faster tracks featuring some epic dueling guitar and keyboard action. This song really gives the musicianship skills of every individual member in Anthea a chance to shine. We have also noticed that, when played live, Illusion always receives a phenomenal response from the crowd!”

Creating coherent yet diverse cinematic, theatrical metal music with many influences from film scores and established metal acts such as Kamelot, Nightwish, and Wintersun, Anthea offers up a gothic symphonic progressive sound that can appeal to a wide variety of fans with their range from clean operatic vocals to black metal like screams.

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Aug 222020

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their latest signing of Los Angeles’ Anthea for the release of their debut album “Illusion” due out October 23rd, 2020 to follow their independently released 2017 self-titled EP.

Creating coherent yet diverse cinematic, theatrical metal music with many influences from film scores and established metal acts such as Kamelot, Nightwish, and Wintersun, Anthea offers up a gothic symphonic progressive sound that can appeal to a wide variety of fans with their range from clean operatic vocals to black metal like screams. Anthea have shared the stage with bands such as Smile Empty Soul, September Mourning, Helion Prime, Graveshadow, Abigail Williams, and many more.

The band comments on the release of “Illusion”:

“We are so incredibly excited to finally be releasing our debut album!  We especially want to thank Roberto Giordano and Rockshots Records for giving us the opportunity to release this record under their label.  Years of dedication and perseverance have gone into making the band what it is today and we are stoked to see it all paying off!  So much work and passion were put into the making of this record and we are extremely proud of the end result!  What we hope to achieve is to give the listener a vast cinematic and theatrical experience so that by the end, they feel like they have just gone on this epic journey with us. A huge thank you to all of you who have supported us throughout the years, and to those of you who are just finding us for the first time!”

Anthea‘s first single ‘Moirai” features guest vocals from Chiara Tricarico (Sound Storm, Moonlight Haze, ex-Temperance) and is a track that was written to capture the beauty of life itself. 

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Spoken – Illusion

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Apr 162013

Spoken_IllusionAfter the last album, a self-titled release back in 2007 which for me was a bit of a mis step in their musical career, they have returned with a much stronger attempt. “Illusion” is a album that fuses great melody with solid hardcore / hardrock.

The album comes in with the driving beat fuelled “stand alone” which is a great introduction to the album and sets the foundation nicely of what one can expect throughout. The vocals stand out an are a notable improvement over previous Spoken albums, and Matt Baird, the only remaining original member is able to mix aggression with clean vocal changes throughout with effortless energy. From the start the album hurtles you into a aggression fuel rock extravaganza.

This is a solid riff rock album even though there are some generic qualities to it, it’s like I have heard this before. The sea bands are increase, and to separate the good ones from the bad are getting harder, and the genre’s are bleeding into one another making it so much harder to identify where exactly where some bands fit now days, like the post-hardcore scene and some of their ridiculous band names I find that the genre’s are somewhat becoming the same. This is a solid rock album to put it plain and simple. Its safe, and clean. They have not tried to overdo it, nor have they tried to risk it. Continue reading »

Jan 042013

spokenband2013eOne Music has announced the signing of rock act Spoken. The band’s seventh studio album, Illusion”, will be released on February 12. The CD was produced by Jasen Rausch [RED, Disciple] over a two-year period in Nashville, Tennessee.

Commented Spoken bassist Ryan Pei: “The process was so long and spread out that it was more of an evolution during the process of making the record. Our producer, Jasen Rauch, has been a huge part of where this band is at sonically and has taught all of us so much.” Continue reading »