HolyName – Self-titled

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Apr 222023

HolyName is a spiritually-minded metalcore/drone hybrid band, which is the best way I can describe them! They call their sound “Holy Drone Violent Worship” which I can’t think of another band taking that approach – it definitely piqued my interest. There are times of meditative drone and times of violent worship throughout the album with lyrics to lift the listener above our mundane existence. There is a pervading sacred atmosphere to the entire album which isn’t easy to do with metal.

HolyName came from the ashes of the legendary Sleeping Giant when Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) and his friend Joe Holt recruited from their church community nationwide to make a worship “mix-tape”. This project attracted the attention of Facedown Records in 2021. They released four singles in quick succession that year with not much news in term of an album until almost a year. January 13, 2023 was the street date for this debut album.

HolyName’s branding is steeped in Eastern Orthodoxy and early church imagery which flows from Tommy’s discovery of the roots of his faith. After a season of death and profound brokenness, Tommy dove into understanding the early church and grew in love with the ancient liturgical practices of Eastern Orthodoxy. The new album is his love letter to Christ and tribute to Eastern Orthodoxy.

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Feb 132023

HolyName is preparing to bring their aggressive worship to the masses on February 17th. The band will be streaming a performance live on Veeps at 8:00 PM  EST (Feb 18, 2023 – 2:00 AM CET), their first-ever live appearance. Featured artists on the livestream will include Brian “Head” Welch (Korn), Brook Reeves (Impending Doom) and Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), among other guest appearances!

The performance follows the release of HolyName’s first full album — a self-titled record with blistering worship choruses and melodic, contemplative prayer. Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) is the driving force behind Facedown RecordsHolyName, bringing his depth of experience and artistry to this new, hauntingly beautiful project. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, HolyName serves as an altar, beckoning the Church to return to the core truths of Christianity in a spirit of sincerity and humility.

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Nov 162022

With their self-titled debut album headed for a January 13th release date on Facedown Records, HolyName have recently dropped yet another track from it. The latest to emerge is ‘The Sect’, which features a guest spot from Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark.

Pre-orders for that are available here. Several other musicians will be making cameos on the full record, including Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark, Impending Doom singer Brook Reeves, Convictions frontman Michael Felker and more.

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Oct 012022

HolyName (ex-Sleeping Giant vocalist Tommy Green, etc.) have premiered their song ‘Creed (REV Gang)’. Eric Gregson of defunct straight edge hardcore band xDeathstarx, guests on this latest single.

Additionally, HolyName have announced a January 13th release date for their self-titled debut album on Facedown Records. Pre-orders for that are available here. Several other musicians will be making cameos on the full record, including Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark, Impending Doom singer Brook Reeves, Convictions frontman Michael Felker and more.

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Aug 062021

HolyName founders Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) and Joe Holt enlist the services of top musicians Brook Reeves (Impending Doom), Matthew Weir (Sleeping Giant), Aaron Craner, and producer Ryan Leitru (For Today) for help on their new project.

The new single ‘My Way’ is out today, and joins the band’s previous 3 singles. Streaming everywhere you listen to music. The song can be streamed below.

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