May 262023

Testimony of Apocalypse, the band feat. members of the iconic thrash metal band Sacrament recently signed to Roxx Records for the release of the follow-up to their debut album “None Escape The Judgement”. For a taste of the new TOA album, listen to ‘Ghost’ below.

For those not familiar… Testimony of Apocalypse was the debut album and title track from Christian Thrash Metal band, Sacrament. Sacrament is considered by many as pioneers of the genre and the debut album continues on as very important release of the early 1990s. There were five original members – the lineup included Mike Torone on vocals and Paul Graham on drums. Mike and Paul joined up with multi-instrumentalist, Nick Pacitti, and formed a new band titled after the iconic release.

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Sep 052013

theocracy 2011Theocracy‘s frontman Matt Smith has put a video online, where he performs the song ‘Ghost’. Matt has the following to say:

“I love sad story songs and romantic tragedies in music, and I decided to demo some acoustic stuff I wrote in that vein. Since it’s a bit different from what I normally do in Theocracy, I thought maybe someone out there would find it interesting and want to check it out, so I made a little video for one of the demos. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!” – Matt

The video can be viewed below.

The debut album from Theocracy will be re-released through Ulterium Records during fall 2013. The Theocracy debut album was originally released through MetalAges Records in 2003, and is currently very rare and hard to find. Continue reading »