Narnia – “Ghost Town”

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May 092023

Narnia is back and stronger than ever with their latest release “Ghost Town.” Powerful melodic vocals, epic guitar solos, driving drums and thought-provoking, inspirational lyrics are delivered flawlessly on this latest release easily landing as one of the best albums the band has released.

For many readers, Narnia needs no introduction, however for the sake of newcomers I’ll give a quick run-down. Narnia began back in 1996 when singer Christian Liljegren(Divinefire, Golden Resurrection, The Waymaker) and guitarist CJ Grimmark(Saviour Machine, Sanctifica, Audiovision)wanted to do a melodic hard rock project. They pulled together like-minded musicians to round out the band and released their debut album “Awakening” in 1998. From 1998 through 2010 they released six studio albums, a live album and a compilation album. In 2010 they broke up only to reform in 2014. Since the reformed line-up they have released three studio albums: “Narnia” (2016), “From Darkness to Light” (2019) and “Ghost Town” (2023).

“Ghost Town” showcases how Narnia has matured over the decades and can execute brilliantly in their craft. It is very melodic with catchy choruses, grooving riffs, and ripping solos. There is a wide variety of influences present that make it easy to listen to over and over again. The lyrics are uplifting and great reminders of faith in this fallen world, which is a prevailing theme through the album.

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Apr 142023

After a successful album release, Swedish metal band Narnia today releases the music video for the title track ‘Ghost Town’, from the band’s latest and ninth studio album.

The video is directed by Jonatan Samuelsson. After Effect design by hm2. Live-clips from Sabaton Open Air 2017 and more. ‘Ghost Town’ is written by CJ Grimmark & Jonatan Samuelsson

Watch the video below, and spread it all over the world:

Swedish metal band Narnia released their critically acclaimed ninth studio album, “Ghost Town”, on March 17 and the album has now been at the top of the Swedish charts for a few weeks. Reviewers from all over the world have praised “Ghost Town” and interest in the band has reached new levels. In late summer, the tour that will take the band to countries such as Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Guatemala will start, but there are already rumors that more dates will be added to the tour schedule, which stretches well into 2024.

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Mar 182023

Along with today’s album release, Narnia also releases a new music-video for the closing song ‘Wake Up Call’.

To celebrate the release of the band’s ninth studio album, Narnia releases an official music video with lyrics for the song ‘Wake Up Call’. The video contains live-clips from the tour in South America 2019, mixed with a story.

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Feb 162023

The Swedish metal band Narnia has released the single ‘Rebel’, which is the opening track on the upcoming record “Ghost Town”, the band’s ninth studio album. ‘Rebel’ showcases a seasoned and still hungry five-some that musically gives a nod to the band’s earliest influences, which should appeal to longtime fans. Follow-up tour is planned, and Narnia is ready for huge steps into a new, exciting chapter.

While waiting for Swedish metal band Narnia’s ninth studio-album, “Ghost Town”, which will be released on March 17th, first single; ‘Rebel’, is released on all major digital platforms in cooperation with Sound Pollution Distribution. The song is the opening track on the upcoming album and is an uptempo track with a sound that has been associated with the band for their 27 years to date.

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Jan 202023

Twenty-seven years into a career that continues to grow, Swedish metal band Narnia takes huge steps into an exciting chapter with the new album “Ghost Town”. The seasoned five-some once again shows how to shape a masterpiece with this melodic metal future classic

On the ninth studio album, “Ghost Town”, Narnia has picked the icing on the cake from its vast catalog. You can’t simply label this album a neoclassic metal album or a power metal album, even though these elements are present. There are also parts that are progressive, modern, heavy, or just creatively different. But you can summarize by saying this is well-crafted piece of classic and melodic metal.

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