Jan 282021

A little over 3 years after the dams collapsed in the Brazilian city of Mariana, it was the turn of the also mining town of Brumadinho to suffer from the same issue.

On January 25, 2019, at 12:28 pm, an iron ore tailings dam at the Córrego do Feijão mine broke down and took 252 lives and 11 missing, among employees of the management company and residents of the region.

Now, exactly 2 years after the tragedy, the mining band Dynasty Of Metal meets with other personalities from the region’s music scene and releases the single ‘The Mud’.

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Nov 222020

Tiago Vitek is one of the big names of the drums in heavy music in the state of Minas Gerais.  Known in Brazil and abroad for his intensity, technique, determination and creativity in arrangements, recordings and mainly live shows.

Recently the musician participated, together with Dynasty Of Metal, in 2 online festivals with international curatorship, the Cultura Cyber ​​Fest (Mexico) and the Low Fest (Colombia). For both events, a recording made at Mister Rock in Belo Horizonte was used, with audio and video capture as well as video editing on behalf of Léo Turbo from Estúdio Hertz, now available in the “drum cam” format in weekly posts on the musician’s channel.

For this week, the chosen tracks were ‘Warriors Of The King – Orchestral Version’ and ‘Dentro De Mi Corazón’, both recorded in studio on the EP “Viginti Annis” released together with the album “Step By Step” (2017).

Check the “drum cam” video below.

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Jun 182018

One of the biggest names in South America Christian metal scene, the Brazilian Heavy Metal band Dynasty releases again, through streaming services, their entire discography. From the first demo tape (released in 1997) till the last studio album, called “Step By Step” (released in 2017).

The band desires that everyone can feel the same the first fans had felt when they listened to the early works, so no remix neither remasters were done. Original sound, original feeling, original power! Continue reading »

Aug 262016

Dynasty_2016_411“Into Righteousness” is the first demo tape recorded by the Brazilian metal band Dynasty. Originally released in 1997, the demo was recorded by Nahor Andrade (Vocals), Filipe Duarte (Bass), Samuel Magno (Drums), Daflas Cruz and Walter Canuto (Guitar).

The demo contains the following tracks: 01 – Intro, 02 – The Prayer, 03 – War, 04 – Decibels, 05 – Today, 06 – Heroes, 07 – Wicked Streets, 08 – My Life

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Jan 152015

DFive years after our last studio album, the Brazilian band Dynasty will back to the phonographic market with a homage to your music heroes, with the tribute album called “Inspirations”.

According to the vocalist Nahor Andrade, “We love the honored bands and grew up listening to them”. Naor says too that record covers is common in Dynasty’s history and also work as a good preview to the next full length album, to be released in 2016, to celebrate the 20 years of the band. Continue reading »