Broken Chains – “Light of the World”

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Feb 152023

Broken Chains release their debut album, Light of the World.

Metal from Central America in English is not something I come across very often and Broken Chains look to be the first metal album sung in English from Honduras, Tegucigalpa specifically. Guitarist Rob Robbie started the band back in 2020, building on his 15 years of experience in other metal bands in Honduras. For now, Broken Chains is a studio project of Robbie who worked with producer Herber Alonzo and brought in Eduardo Ramirez for vocals and Luis Montesi (tsidkenu) on drums.

Getting new bands is always a cool thing, especially when a band is pretty far removed from where your music usually comes from. Groove metal with some melodic and acoustic elements is pretty much the only description I had to go off before hitting the play button in this case. The track “Broken Chains” opens up with a pounding drum rhythm that builds and is joined by guitars. A good, heavy riff kicks off and the track is off and rolling. In this case we have an instrumental with a couple different guitar parts layered in and pretty heavy track in general. Production quality is good and primarily just guitars and bass in this particular track. The song settles into a nice groove with some fast drums keeping pace, setting up for an extended guitar solo, which has a good bit of melody to it as well taking the place of vocals. I like the raw edge to it all.

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Jan 112023

Broken Chains is a band formed in 2020 in Honduras Centroamerica, by guitarist Rob Robbie (Soter), who has been active in other metal bands in his country for more than 15 years, Broken Chains is his own project, he has made the music and lyrics of all the songs.

The first single was released in January 2021 and since then he has been concentrating in the recording studio for the album “Light Of the World” which has been released Jan. 9th.

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