Jul 022022

The line-up for Brainstorm Festival 2022 is complete! The final bands are Fallen Sanctuary and VRS:NSMV. Previously, headliners Firewind, Swallow The Sun and Scar Symmetry had been announced.

The Austrian/Italian ensemble Fallen Sanctuary may not immediately ring a bell, until we mention that this is the new band of vocalist Georg Neuhauser (Serenity, Warkings) and Marco Pastorino (singer/guitarist of Temperance). Expect multi-voiced power-metal of a high level. Fallen Sanctuary will be doing a show on the mainstage as well as in our theater hall.

Another artist set for our theater is VRS:NSMV, the side-project of pianist Nacht from German black-metal band Opus Irae. Expect a dark, classical piano concert where you can relax for a while in our lovely theater seats. A nice moment of rest during the festival and at the same time surprising and exciting.

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May 282022

With Vetrar Draugurinn, the Brainstorm Festival has signed a great homegrown band. The band around singer Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon) and guitarist Eric Hazebroek (Pilgrimage, ex-Stream of Passion) released the amazing “The Night Sky” this year. On that album you can hear what Vetrar Draugurinn is good at: melancholic post-doom!

The Dutch will open the festival on Friday, November 4, which completes the program for the mainstage that night. Besides Vetrar Draugurinn, you’ll encounter Wytch Hazel, Signum Regis and of course headliner Scar Symmetry that night. Not to mention the great bands playing on Saturday, November 5.

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Jul 102021

The line-up for the Brainstorm Festival 2021 is complete. (The news was announced earlier this year, but for reasons unknown, it wasn’t mentioned here). As final bands Hamferd (FO) and Scarlet Stories (NL) have been added to the already impressive line-up. As is well known, Orden Ogan (DE) is headlining, and we have also secured the likes of Narnia (SE), Leaves’ Eyes (FIN/DE), Majestica (SE) and Temperance (ITA).

The organisation states: We are particularly proud of the addition of Hamferd. Not before a band from the Faroe Islands played at the Brainstorm Festival. And Hamferd has been on our wish list for years. Now it is really going to happen. Heavy metal, with deep grunts and plaintive vocals, that is what Hamferd has to offer.

No less proud are we of Scarlet Stories, the Dutch progressive rock/metal band that is causing a furore in our country. The band was supposed to play at our 2020 edition, which had to be cancelled at the last minute due to corona measures. We are therefore very happy that Scarlet Stories will be playing after all.

The total line-up for the 14th edition of the Brainstorm Festival is now as follows:

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Feb 252021

During the Brainstorm Festival in November, Eric Clayton And The Nine will give an acoustic show in the theater. Numerous Saviour Machine classics are played in addition. This special concert will be given on Saturday, November 6.

The band was already scheduled for Friday November 5, where they promote the new album “A Thousand Scars” (review) on the mainstage of the Brainstorm Festival.

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Feb 122021

The German power-metal band Orden Ogan has been set as the headliner of the Brainstorm Festival 2021, which will be held on 5 and 6 November at Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn. The band presents the new album “Final Days” there.

In recent years, Orden Ogan has become one of the biggest bands in the European power metal scene. The band enriches their music with progressive and folk-metal, in which the melancholic choirs in the choruses keep returning as a recognizable element.

“With Orden Ogan we have a headliner that appeals to a wide audience,” said the organization of the Brainstorm Festival. “In recent years we have grown steadily as a festival, and with Orden Ogan we can take the step to an even larger audience.”

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