Jan 242023

Mysterious goth metal band Walk in Darkness return with their fourth album, Leaves Rolling in Time, featuring Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia) on vocals.

Walk in Darkness is one of those interesting bands who prefer to let the music speak for them. Promo pictures are all of hooded figures, faces obscured except for the female vocalist Nicoletta Rosseline (Kalidia). The band originates from Italy, but other than that, information is scarce. The band has videos on YouTube that have been viewed over 12 million times, so they definitely have created a fan base. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Virus Recording Studio with sound engineering by Alessandro Guaconi. For Leaves Rolling in Time, the band brought in a couple extra vocalists, with Emiliano Pasquinelli (ex-Thuchulca) handling the dark growled vocals and Elisabetta Bettini (Two of Spades) contributing some lines on the song “My Restless Wings”.

Once again, here is another band I knew nothing about prior to getting this album to review and now I have a few more albums to go back and listen to. From the very first listen without looking up any information on the band, I was pretty sure there was more than one vocalist for the female vocals, but as it turns out there is just one, Nicoletta Rosselini (Kalidia) and that should tell you quite a bit about here range and talent, very strong lower register and powerfully beautiful upper register.

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Nov 232022

The mysterious gothic metallers Walk in Darkness are finally here with their highly anticipated fourth album, the concept album “Leaves Rolling in Time”. The album features Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia) on vocals and the artwork was created by Carlos Fides (Evergrey, Almah). 

Walk in Darkness constantly evolves, although it has originally approached the gothic metal genre, it diverged from it to more original and unpredictable paths following the emtional and psychedelic component of music. Faceless musicians, among distant and sometimes indefinite guitar arpeggios that blend with distorted and aggressive rhythms and screaming, melancholic and psychedelic solos, with a few notes pushed deep into the soul.

WID’s songs have surreal atmospheres and they drag the listener to another dimension as in a psychedelic and schamanic journey through time, a dreamlike journey but only in appearance because the dream is lucid and plausible.

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Oct 182022

After a 12 year wait, the power metal band Kaledon return with Chapter VII in their Legend of the Forgotten Reign saga, beginning a new trilogy based on the series.

Kaledon traces its roots back to 1998 as an idea of guitarist Alex Mele and the band released the first chapter in the Legend of the Forgotten Reign saga in 2002. Through 2010, the band continued the saga culminating in the first six chapters with Chapter VI: The Last Night on the Battlefield. During this time frame the band changed labels a couple of times and then from 2010-2016 the band toured Europe playing with the likes of Lordi and Rhapsody of Fire as well as headlining. Fast forward another 5 years and the band is beginning a new trilogy based on the Legend of the Forgotten Reign saga with the first installment being Chapter VII: Evil Awakens. For this new album the band recruited Nocoletta Rosellni (Kalidia, Walk in Darkness) to add vocals for “The Story Comes to an End” and James Mills (Hostile) adding vocals on “A Strike from the Unknown”. In addition to vocal duties, Michele Guaitoli mixed and mastered the album at Groove Factory Studio.

As one might expect given this is Chapter VII in a power metal saga, the albums opens up with an instrumental track filled with choirs, keyboards, and orchestral elements to set the tone and announce the arrival of the album, which explodes into the very fast beginning of “At the Gates of the Realms”. Even though Kaledon has been around for 24 years and released 11 albums, this was my first exposure to them and being a power metal fan, this album hooked me early in the second track. Michele Guaitoli’s vocals are perfect for power metal, with range and power and smooth delivery. The eerie interlude in the song with harsh whispered vocals and keyboards, breaks up the song nicely and the keyboard and guitar solos are well placed and performances are strong.

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Jun 302022

Kerion bring the next installment in their epic story, symphonic metal Cloudriders saga with Age of Cyborgs, this time bringing in more electronica elements to go with the symphonic metal and fantasy storytelling.

Kerion was formed in 2002 in Nice, France. Following the release of two demos based on a heroic fantasy story, their first full length was released in 2008, Hold Creatures Quest. In 2010, the band released the follow up album The Origins. By this time the band had received a bit of attention for their symphonic elements and choir directed by Phil Giordana and 2012 saw the release of the first of the Cloudriders saga with Road to Skycity, which was followed up in 2015 with Part 2: Technowars, and now in 2022, Age of Cyborgs, which given all the elements involved and cinematic feel has been dubbed “comics metal”.

Being a continuation of a story, “Riders Theme” sets the stage with some electronica, symphonic elements and narration before “Nova Prime” starts this chapter of the story. Some electronica elements introduce the track before it launches straight into a heavier symphonic metal drive. The combination and trade off in the vocals and epic choir work really well with the song although I’m not really sure at this point if I’m a fan of all the electronic elements. Following this track is one of several intro or transition preludes, in this case “The Mission”, which is a combination of narration and music. “Red Squad” take a more straightforward guitar approach and is followed by the six minute near ballad “One Way Love”, which really doesn’t even get as heavy as a power ballad for most of the track before picking up the pace near the end.

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Jun 082022

Beyond the Storm Productions are proud to announce the signing of the Italian power metal band Kaledon to the label. The band’s new album “Legend of the Forgotten Reign – Chapter VII: Evil Awakens” will be released on September 23rd on CD and digital.

After five years of hard and dedicated work, Kaledon is ready to come back onto the market and release their new album: “Chapter VII: Evil Awakens”. This album marks the first chapter of a new trilogy based on “The Legend of the Forgotten Reign Saga”.

The album contains powerful and fast songs, dynamic and energetic guitar riffs, new modern sounding keyboards, and much more. The album features special guests like Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia, Walk in Darkness) and James Mills (Hostile), respectively on “A Strike from the Unknown” and “The Story Comes to an End?”.

“Chapter VII: Evil Awakens” was mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli at Groove Factory Studio and the production is a mix of modernity and power. The epic cover artwork was created by Oleg Shcherbakov.

Don’t miss out on “Chapter VII: Evil Awakens”, a perfect album for fans of melodic and fast power metal and bands like Helloween, Stratovarius, and Manowar!

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