Dec 152022

The “classic” Becoming the Archetype lineup of Jason Wisdom, Seth Hecox, and Brent “Duck” Duckett return after more than 10 years apart to deliver a heavy progressive death metal album filled not only with everything one would expect but also a few surprises.

Ever since their debut album, Terminate Damnation, in 2005, Becoming the Archetype have maintained and expanded their base of followers who have appreciate their unique blend of technical, progressive, and death metal. The Physics of Fire followed in 2007 and Dichotomy in 2008 where Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad) produced and guested as well as Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. Over the years, the band toured with the likes of Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Zao, the Chariot and others solidifying their audience. In 2011, the band partnered with producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot) for the experimental Celestial Completion which even featured a ska –like trombone part in one track. That album saw the departure of founding members Brent “Duck” Duckett and Jason Wisdom until a reunion in 2020 when the band began writing Children of the Great Extinction which eventually was produced by Nate Washburn (My Epic) and saw guest appearances by former guitarists Daniel Gailey (Phineas, Fit for a King) and Alex Kenis (Alethian) providing solos on “The Lost Colony” and “The Calling”, respectively.

The album opens up with “The Dead World” and has multiple guitars layered into a central riff that builds and eventually ends with Jason Wisdom’s shouted vocals coming in and the verse section taking off. Drummer Brent “Duck” Duckett gets a bit of a speed workout for much of the song alternating with the slower chorus sections and combined with Seth Hecox guitar, keyboard elements and clean vocals, the song itself fits well within the BTA catalog. I especially like the ending with the somewhat strangled guitar in the outro.

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Aug 062022

Returning technical metalcore outfit Becoming The Archetype have premiered ‘The Calling’ from their comeback album “Children Of The Great Extinction“. That record will be their first in a decade and Solid State Records will have it out on August 26th.

Guitarist/vocalist Seth Hecox commented:

“‘The Calling‘ holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the first songs I began writing riffs for a couple years ago when we were in the early stages of writing songs for this new album. As I was putting it together, it almost felt like I was channeling the old-school BtA spirit. I mean, that original ‘Terminate Damnation‘ energy.”

Our producer Nate started working on it with me, and pulled out even more interesting facets of things that we’ve done since the beginning that have become our characteristically unique calling cards. Together, we crafted a big, epic intro with orchestration — horns and everything. Then after making it huge, it gets… tiny. Quiet. Still. A single, haunting piano. And that’s where I think Jason hit a home run on the lyrics for this song. In my spiritual tradition, profound truth often comes not in the loud bombastic proclamations, but in the calm of the still, small, quietness.

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Jul 162022

Returning technical death metal band Becoming The Archetype have debuted a second single from their comeback album, “Children Of The Great Extinction“. An August 26th release date has been scheduled for that effort via Solid State Records. For now, you can check out this newly shared offering from it, ‘The Remnant’.

The song title itself is a throwback of sorts, as the band were known as The Remnant and even released a then eponymous album prior to rebranding themselves as Becoming The Archetype in the early 2000s. You can find this track across various streaming services here. An unofficial upload of it has emerged on YouTube below:

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Jun 292022

Technical death metal band Becoming The Archetype have announced their return from hiatus. To that end their first studio album since 2012’s I Am has just been announced for an August 26th release. Solid State Records will be issuing that effort, which the band have christened “Children Of The Great Extinction“.

A first single from it, ‘The Lost Colony’ has been shared online in advance. Check out the music video below.

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Oct 252012

Want to win a CD, t-shirt, pocket protector from Becoming The Archetype and Solid State Records?  Hails ad Horns can make that happen. Fill out the form here and they will randomly pick a winner on Tuesday November 6th.

Becoming The Archetype fifth album I Am was released last month, September 18th. via Solid State Records. The album is available in stores and online now! Get it at your local Best Buy, or record store. You can also download the album online at iTunes or Amazon MP3. Click here to read our review. Continue reading »