Sep 162023

The Swedish power metal band Axenstar will release their new album “Chapter VIII” via Inner Wound Recordings on December 1st. The album will be available on CD and digital.

‘Heavenly Symphony’, the first single from the album is an uplifting melodic power metal hymn, perfect for fans of bands like Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Helloween and Hammerfall! The single is available on all digital platforms and you can check out the music video below.

The album was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Persuader, Sorcerer, Aeon) and the epic old school power metal artwork was created by Rafael Tavares.

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Axenstar – “Where Dreams Are Forgotten”

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Nov 022014

WDAFWhen I received this album by Axenstar, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that they came from Sweden. So I looked up some info, and it seems that Axenstar has been busy during the years. They released their first album “Perpetual Twilight” all the way back in 2002. Then they continued to release more albums almost every year. But after their 2006 album “The Final Requiem”, they seemed to have taken a break and did not release a new album until 2011 called “Aftermath”. I’m starting to ask myself why they are relatively unknown, and why I haven’t heard of them before. Anyway, Axenstar is back after 3 years with their album “Where Dreams Are Forgotten”. This album is pretty refreshing. Keep on reading, and you’ll see what I mean.

The first track “Fear” is a great track to start off an album. This song just bombards you with racing, harmonic guitars. The guitars reminded me of melodic death metal, but then the vocalist came in. I did not expect this, but the singer only uses clean vocals. And that is not a bad thing, in fact; it’s a great thing. It gives the song a bit more of a power metal vibe. The guitars are harmonic, fast, catchy and well excecuted. That sure sounds like the perfect formula to me.
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Sep 282014

Axenstar_band_01Axenstar is Swedish power metal of the highest class! The new album “Where Dreams Are Forgotten” will be released November 28th in Europe and on December 2nd. in North-America through Inner Wound Recordings.

Axenstar about the new album: “This is an album we’re extremely proud of! The whole band have contributed to the songwriting and we have really taken the time to make sure every song has gotten the attention it deserves. We have gone back to the roots of the Axenstar sound and mixed it with all the new influences we got over the years and it has turned into this great and exciting new album. As always we have recorded the album at Studio Underground with Pelle Saether in charge of the mixing and producing. And of course we’re really excited to have been signed to Inner Wound Recordings and to work with them on this release! Make sure to check out our new album “Where Dreams Are Forgotten” later this year!”

“Where Dreams Are Forgotten” is mixed by Axenstar and Pelle Saether [Wolf, Harmony, Månegarm] at Studio Underground and mastered by Daniel Beckman [Månegarm, In Mourning, Deals Death] at Ridge Street Studios. Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth]. Continue reading »