Jan 042023

Following the recent reissues of their powerful classics Shadows Over Lothadruin and Wardens Of The West Wind, Italian dwarven metal band, Wind Rose, are excited to present a brand new video for their epic track ‘Army Of Stone’. Originally released on their 2022 album, Warfront, ‘Army Of Stone’ showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy riffs, soaring melodies, and epic storytelling. The song’s thundering drums and crushing guitars are sure to get fans headbanging, while the massive chorus and epic lyrics transport them to a mythical, middle earth-inspired fantasy universe.

Wind Rose states: “We are extremely excited to release the official videoclip for ‘Army Of Stone’. When we wrote the song, we were thinking about huge statues that recalled the times when the Dwarves fought their glorious battles, so we created a video that fits perfectly with the concept. This is the best way to celebrate the beginning of the massive European tour with Alestorm, Gloryhammer and Rumahoy, starting on January 6… Get ready for the best party of 2023.”

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