Applehead – “The Light Side of the Apple”

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Aug 162023

Greg Minier (The Crucified, Minier) has resurrected his solo/side project Applehead to release the first new record in 31 years. I find it inspiring to see musicians resurrecting projects to give us a another look into their creative process. Greg is best known for his work in the thrash/cross-over band The Crucified, but Applehead doesn’t play by the same rules. Applehead’s debut “Meaning” is a heavy grunge album that lived mostly in a mid-tempo universe. I was not a huge fan of the debut. The press on “The Light Side of the Apple” alludes to a metal onslaught hearkening back to the original days of hard rock. If the title of the record is any indication, I expect a Pink Floyd reference.

Now when I say solo act, Greg does almost all of his own stunts: drums, guitars, synthesizers, singing, but not bass. I am not entirely sure why not bass because of similar tuning to guitar, but there might be a good reason. In any event, Greg brought in Jaymi “Pinkbassman” Millard (Mark Slaughter Band, Slaughter) to fill in the basement.

Applehead has left behind much of the grunge of their debut and embraced a heavier metal focus. There is a layer of 90s hard rock zeitgeist to the record as it takes a fresh take on a wide range of genres that play to Greg and Jaymi’s strengths. Greg’s guitar work is wide ranging and blends technical lead playing and melodic sensitivity. The solos are great musical statements throughout the album. Jaymi’s bass work complements the compositions well and shines on its own. You can hear how much fun they had making this album!

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Jul 212023

Roxx Records are excited to announce today the brand new album from Applehead entitled “The Light Side Of The Apple” has been given a release date and we are sharing a brand new video today!

The band just released their official new video single entitled ‘Down’ watch it below.

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May 082023

Applehead Releases Highly Anticipated Album, “The Light Side of the Apple”

With the successful release of the single, Down (below), Applehead returns after a 30 year hiatus to deliver the new album, “The Light Side of the Apple” via Roxx Records the indie label that specializes in new rock and metal from favored legacy artists and new artists from across the globe.

Applehead’s first release, “Meaning” was recently reissued as a limited run vinyl/cd on Roxx Records and “The Light Side of the Apple” is more than just a return to form.

Inspired by personal challenges and unanswered questions, Greg Minier guides the listener through a metal onslaught that flows through musical genres and styles that create emotional connections harkening back to the original days of hard rock.

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Mar 222023

The brand new single from the legendary Applehead entitled ‘Down’ is here now from the new soon-to-be-released album, listen to the song below and check out a sneakpeak from the video which will be released next month.

After a resurgence from Greg Minier (former The Crucified guitarist) and all of his classic back catalog he felt the time was right to bring a second edition of Applehead to the masses. The band is taking shape and is planning on getting out there and performing as they finish up their new full length album. The line up currently features Greg out front, as well as warrior bass monster Jaymi Millard. Enjoy the new single and stay tuned as Applehead is about to embark on a new musical journey.

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Feb 012022

Roxx Records is very excited to be able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Christian Metal release Applehead featuring legendary guitarist Greg Minier from “The Crucified”.

The second solo album from Greg Minier, if you count his first solo endeavor aptly titled “Minier”. This second album released under the name “Applehead” was released in 1992 and took the guitarist into a different direction musically and contained some of the most deep lyrical content the artist had ever delved into as a solo artist. The album received much praise and critical acclaim as one of the most grungy and sludgy Christian rock albums ever released. Even though the album was very well received, there would never be a follow up and this classic piece of Christian rock would be forever cemented into Christian rock history as a stand alone release from a legendary guitarist.

Roxx is excited to give this one a new breath of life as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this iconic release. This album has been long out of print and was originally only issued on CD and Cassette tape only. Applehead “Meaning” is being prepared to be released on vinyl for the very first time ever. Completely remastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and a fresh new look to the original art with all new liner notes and lyrics courtesy of Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal Graphics. Greg Minier also tells us the story of “Meaning” in an exclusive new write up in the liner notes just for this release.

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