May 272023

The English melodic metalcore band Confessions Of A Traitor, the Norwegian post-rock/doom band Leonov and the Dutch 80’s metalband Angelic Forces are confirmed for the 16th edition of Brainstorm Festival. These three bands will all play on Saturday 4 November.

In just a few years time Confessions Of A Traitor built a strong reputation within the UK. Thanks to their success the band inked a deal with Facedown Records. COAT is currently the only European band on the roster of this highly acclaimed American recordlabel. And now for the very first time these fine English gentlemen will play in The Netherlands.

For sure Leonov is not visiting The Netherlands for the first time. In fact the band played twice at Brainstorm Festival already, but also played FemME once. This year Leonov will release a new record, which is more then enough reason to return the band to our theatre for a special atmospheric show of post-rock and doom-metal.

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Mar 072023

Signum Regis signed a booking deal with Desert Rose Agency, as follow-up to their previous co-operation. From now on Desert Rose Agency will represent the band in whole of Europe, except for Slovakia and Czech.

The first results of this new agreement is the upcoming Signum Regis – tour in May 2023, where the band will be special-guest on a tour with Secret Sphere through Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. On the dates in The Netherlands the package will be supported by Angelic Forces.

“There are so many great bands out there and the competition is tough. That’s why we will wear it as badge of honour that we were hand-picked and got an extended offer to be represented by the Desert Rose Agency”, says Ronnie of Signum Regis about the new co-operation. “We worked together before and it has always worked out well for both parties. Now we will work together even more closely.”

Signum Regis hopes to play mo

re places in Europe. Ronnie: “We will do our best to continue to be a great, entertaining live band. We are looking forward to playing shows in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium this coming May 2023.”

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Angelic Forces – “Arise”

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Feb 202023

Holland’s Angelic Forces have finally released a full length album, Arise, sure to please Stryper fans and those looking for an updated version of late 80’s metal.

With roots dating back to 2015, and an ep released in 2018, it has been a long road for Angelic Forces to release a full length album. Originally the band formed from ex-Methusalem members Wilco van der Meij (bass) and Harold de Vries (guitars) bringing in drummer Rudie Kingma and Maurice Glijsman (ex-L.S.D) as a second guitarist. This lineup created the independently released three song ep. In the time since the ep the band shared stages with the likes of Leviticus, War of Ages, Tygers of Pan Tang as well as being in festivals featuring Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Pestilence, and King Diamond, some of which are diametrically opposed in messaging to the Christian one of Angelic Forces. During the pandemic, the band started work on Arise which was recorded at Audioshape studio and features new bassist Tjaard Walstra.

In general, for those who grew up in the late 80s as metalheads, Angelic Forces will sound very familiar. Given the Christian message, sound, and especially the vocals and twin guitars, comparisons to Stryper are inevitable, but there are elements from other bands of the time like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and I can’t help but hear some Mike Tramp (White Lion) in Harold de Vries vocals. Production is good and clean with vocals coming through clear alongside the instruments but to my ear there does seem to be a bit of an echo that keeps the sound from being as bright as I would have liked.

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Oct 262022

Holland’s Angelic Forces got there new single and video out, called ‘Armageddon.’
The single will be also on there up coming album “Arise”! Released in Europe by No Dust Records en in the US by Animated Insanity Records.

The video can be seen below.

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Mar 242018

Holland’s Angelic Forces debut an ep of old-school metal that has all the elements from the 80’s-era metal that we all enjoy!

Back in 2014, bassist Wilco van der Meij left the band Methusalem and felt drawn to start another band, this time with former Methusalem guitarist Harold de Vries and drummer Rudie Kingma.  Along the way, the band added Maurice Gijsman (ex-L.S.D.) as a second guitarist and the lineup was set.  In June of 2016 the band recorded their first single and has been playing shows and recording off and on since then.

Opening up with a guitar harmony riff and then trading some short solos over a galloping bass and drum line is a great way to open up and ep and Angelic Forces pull out all the stops on “Thunder and Lightning”.  This is late 80’s metal with an updated feel.  Harold de Vries vocals remind me a lot of Phil Mogg’s on “Lights Out” by UFO except Harold occasionally hits the really high register.  This song has it all including the guitar solos one would expect with the harmonies and also a chance to shout “METAL” along with the band.  Just a great song overall. Continue reading »