Aug 272020

This past April Evanescence announced that their new album “The Bitter Truth” would be arriving later this year, after initially emerging via a series of singles. The band’s frontwoman Amy Lee recently told SiriusXM of where they are that with that:

“We’re still ongoing. We don’t have a release date, but I kind of like to look at it like it’s happening now. The idea behind this whole thing was always to go one at a time, release it at a little at a time, in real-time with fans, while it’s still going on and it’s still fresh and live in the moment more.

So, in my mind it is being released – this is part of it. We live in a new world where it’s not all about dropping a big pile of music all at once. People don’t always consume music that way… I don’t.

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Dec 112019

Evanescence will begin recording a new album early next year, according to lead singer Amy Lee. Ahead of the outfit’s canceled Knotfest Mexico performance Nov. 30, the musician revealed the band’s studio plans for 2020. Evanescence last released “Synthesis” in 2017 and a self-titled effort in 2011.

Asked by Summa Inferno what’s next for Evanescence, Lee spilled the beans to the rock and metal outlet — watch the interview toward the bottom of this post. The chat took place preceding what was to be the group’s Saturday night set at Mexico City’s Knotfest Meets Forcefest late last month. Unfortunately, safety issues caused the cancellation, and a group of riotous fans subsequently set fire to Evanescence‘s equipment onstage.

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Nov 292017

Evanescence singer Amy Lee recently talked to about her band’s latest album, “Synthesis”. You can watch the chat below.

Speaking about the lyrical message behind Evanescence‘s latest single, ‘Imperfection’, one of the two new songs featured on “Synthesis”Lee said: “‘Imperfection’ has several meanings, and one of them is definitely about loss and the sadness that we all feel and the struggle of getting through it is undeniable. And I think that we need to connect, and the point is expressing that and connecting to each other, that’s hard to sum up. But another part of it is accepting our flaws and our differences and not seeing them so much as flaws as the thing about us that makes us us. So when the song talks about ‘imperfection,’ it’s really describing… just your you, your uniqueness, that thing. And if could all maybe look at our imperfections a little bit less like imperfections and a little bit more like our uniqueness — I don’t know — maybe that would be a good thing. I still struggle with it.” Continue reading »

Oct 082017

Evanescence singer Amy Lee took part in a question-and-answer session and one-song live performance Tuesday night (October 3) at the Steinway Hall in New York City. Watch the video below.

Evanescence‘s new album, “Synthesis”, is due on November 10. The effort features full orchestration in a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds, with help from arranger and composer David Campbell.

“Synthesis” will contain two new Evanescence songs in addition to fan favorites re-recorded with a live orchestra and electronica. The album includes guest performance by famed violinist Lindsey Stirling on ‘Hi-Lo’, one of the two new tracks on the album. Continue reading »

Jun 202017

Evanescence singer Amy Lee joined Ugly Kid Joe on stage last weekend (Sunday, June 18) at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium to perform a cover version of Harry Chapin‘s 1974 folk rock song ‘Cat’s In the Cradle’. Professionally filmed video footage of her appearance can be seen below.

Evanescence is working on an album called “Synthesis”, which will reimagine some of the band’s past catalog with full orchestration and electronic backing.

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