Jul 212023

Ritual Servant fans the time has come! It is time to finally unveil the complete picture! Over a year and a half ago we (Roxx Records) launched the first 7 inch single containing the first two songs from “Albus Mendacium”. Over the preceding months we would release single number two and single number three for a total of six of the eight songs that are now released on the brand new full length album. 

Each of these 7 inch singles form 25% of a complete picture, actually a complete work of art hand painted by artist Noel Puente. Now the time has come to unveil the fourth and final 7 inch single to complete this unique masterpiece. 

This Friday pre-orders will launch for that fourth and final 7 inch single titled ‘Redemptio’ for the very special pre order price of $9.77 for the black vinyl 7” and $11.77 for the very limited white vinyl 7” until the official release date on July 28th.

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Jun 072023

Ritual Servant brings the thrash on their second full length, Albus Mendacium, an album you will want to check out.

Ritual Servant have been releasing material since their demo ep 777 in 2017.  In 2019 their first full length, Metallum Evangelli was released and included the demo tracks remastered.  Since that time the band has been releasing the ep’s Veritas in 2021 and Misericordiae and Opinione in 2022, which make up most of the songs on their now second full length, Albus Mendacium, where the songs have been redone.  The album was produced, recorded, and mastered by Brian McKenzie who also added the session bass tracks.  Additional drum and lead guitars were produced by Nathan Crane and Ryan Roebuck.  The thrash band has a mission to promote the message of Christ using scripture as a basis for their songs and the theme of Albus Mendacium is taken from Matthew 7:15-16…”Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them…”

Albus Mendacium is one of those albums that immediately forces you as a listener to sit up and take notice.  A fast, heavy riff and pounding drum backing open up “Whitewashed Tombs” which is quickly joined by an early layered short guitar solo, all of which immediately brings to mind thrash bands like Megadeth in particular when you think about song structure and composition and that holds throughout the track with Patrick Best’s vocals also carrying a bit of a Dave Mustaine sneer to them although not sounding like Mustaine as Best choose more to bark out the words.  The guitars are simply amazing and work so well in the song.  Given the title, I knew immediately what the song was going to be about as this is common subject matter for Christian bands, but the band’s approach reminded of how Metallica approached “Creeping Death”, than what I typically hear from Christian bands, which helps retain authenticity.

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Apr 062023

Ritual Servant continue their thrash assault with their third 7” from their very limited edition four part series with the brand new single ‘Opinione’

In 2022 we released the first two of these 7” singles as part of our four limited edition 7” singles, ‘Veritas’ and ‘Misericordiae’ both are running low if you have not picked them up you better hurry as this series will not be repressed. The band has also already finished recording the fourth and final 7” record which will be out later this year entitled ‘Redemptio’

The band has also completely finished the recording of their sophomore release entitled “Albus Mendacium” (more info) which will be making a full release announcement on next week. Today we are very excited to launch the third limited edition 7” entitled ‘Opinione’ remember all four of these singles when completed will make one beautiful piece of art as created by Noel Puente!

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Mar 312023

Roxx Records is prepared to shake the foundation walls of hell, and release many tormented souls currently walking across this scarred earth. This next release with its brazen lyrical assault, and no holds barred message of the gospel is going to bring it to you in a way that no other Christian Metal artist can. This May get ready as we unleash the brand new full length album from… RITUAL SERVANT

We are excited to be bringing you the highly anticipated sophomore release from one of the boldest bands you will ever hear as they bring the thrash like only they can. First lets rewind to March 29, 2019 and the debut full length release of METALLUM EVANGELII which was released to much critical and fan acclaim, almost exactly 4 years ago this month! This album was well received all over the world and has been a constant request for us here at Roxx Records. One of the most asked questions of us this past year or longer has been when is the next album coming out!

Ask no more, and get ready as the devil is shaking in his boots right now. May 19, 2023 we will unleash this mighty evangelical release that is sure to turn a few heads, and probably make a few enemies. But that’s ok, because what the world needs now is to hear the truth about… ALBUS MENDACIUM (artwork below).

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