Sep 282023

Symphonic metal unit Serenity unveils a new single, cut from their new studio album, Nemesis AD, out on November 3, 2023 via Napalm Records! Heart-wrenchingly emotional yet empowering, “Reflections (of AD)” mesmerizes the listener with its awe-inspiring instrumentation, multifaceted vocals and brilliant changes throughout the gripping eight-minute track.

Serenity has secured their place at the top of the symphonic metal scene with millions of streams and video views, on top of entering the Official German Album Charts with their previous studio album, The Last Knight (2020). Get ready for Nemesis AD and check out the dramatic official music video below and make sure to catch them live on tour supporting the mighty Powerwolf this fall!

Georg Neuhauser on ‘Reflections (of AD)’:
“This song is, without any doubt, the most bombastic track we have ever released! We poured all our passion and musical skills into it to create this over 8 minute long magnum opus. For the single release, we had to create a shortened version, but we encourage all our listeners to check out the album version in order to experience this magnificent piece of art in its wholesome beauty.”

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Sep 262023

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars…”
Lady Windermere’s Fan – Oscar Wilde

We pass through this life bound by invisible chains. Some we forge for ourselves, locking the manacles then casting the keys into the swirling chaos of blood, wine and lies that pools about our feet. Some are slipped about our neck as we sleep; lost in nightmares we never feel the cunning binding until we wake, choking. Yet while we stumble onwards, bent beneath our burdens, the path obscured by enemies real and imagined, still we harbour dreams. There is a flame of hope that never goes out, a vision of far horizons where we bask in sunlight and fly through stars. Even as we fall dying our eyes strain to pierce the encroaching night, to see a promised kingdom further on…

There is a pathway that leads through the labyrinth of sound that forms the Devil’s Paradise double a-side single from Indiana’s Bermuda’s Burden; precious gems of melody and emotion, shining diamonds of inventiveness and passion that the band have left for you to follow. Each one draws you deeper into guitarist Jacob Staup’s tumultuous riffs, the cascading rhythms, the beautiful juxtapositions of tranquillity and cacophony.

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Sep 252023

With the dust now settled from the impact of their pulverizing 2021 debut album, Under The Shadow, the time is right for the return of Mangled Carpenter! Heavier than ever, the idiosyncratic edge to their song writing cutting even deeper and still delighting in the simple pleasures of bludgeoning brute force, Monterey, California’s most reliably devastating export are back with nine new songs that delve once more into the complexities of human nature. Salvation Syndrome awaits and the countdown to sonic annihilation has begun…

Mangled Carpenter have been in existence since 2005, but it’s from 2019 onwards that they really started to make their mark on the extreme metal scene. An array of singles and EPs were released in the two years leading up to the Under The Shadow album, which Time For Metal hailed for its impressive “thunderstorm of blastbeats” and which HM Magazine noted “fascinates and offends the senses”. Now vocalist/guitarist Seth Metoyer, bassist Kris Olson and infamous drummer Mac Hine have raised the bar in every respect. Salvation Syndrome lands blow after blow of concussive power; entwining bone-shaking, shuddering riffs and a colossal drum assault with absorbing atmosphere and enthralling, surprising song structures. With guest appearances from

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Sep 252023

Since the beginning of its career, Narnia has created a close relationship with their Latin American fans. The whole continent embraced the band with enthusiasm, providing them with loyal and passionate followers. Their music, with its infectious energy, inspiring lyrics and impressive technical skill, resonates deeply with Latin American fans, who can relate to the intensity and emotion transmitted by their songs.

The band recognizes and values this unconditional support, and this is reflected in their close relationship with their Latin American fans. They performed twice in Mexico and also toured twice in South America, and with another successful tour this time visiting the 3 Americas (North, Central and South) just ended. These live shows are moments of celebration, where fans and band come together in an atmosphere of pure energy. Energy that is unparalleled and Narnia always makes a point of reciprocating, delivering intense and memorable performances.

In addition, the band maintains constant contact with fans through social networks and other online platforms. They interact regularly, responding to comments, sharing updates, and establishing a more personal connection. This virtual proximity allows fans to feel like being part of the Narnia family, closely following the band’s creative process, news and achievements.

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Jagged Doctrine – Eve of Destruction

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Sep 252023

Jagged Doctrine is an industrial metal project that has reactivated after a 9-year hiatus to bring us their latest offering “Eve of Destruction” on Roxx Records. Formed in the late 90s as a collaboration between guitarist Rod Middleton and keyboardist Gary Baker, they have roots in industrial metal that has an experimental bend. Connecting the dots, this project has a truly independent spirit with a significant independently released discography staying true to their vision for JD. As such, I would say you should approach this project with and open mind. Besides this project, Rod and Gary have collaborated on various other musical projects including licensing tracks for MTV and composing a sound track for a book series.

“Eve of Destruction” continues the intermingling of electronica and heavy metal into a unique blend that is a throwback to the 90s with a slight tinge of avant-garde. Rod and Gary have recruited the inimitable talents of Dale Thompson (Bride) to take on the lead vocals for this album, while they focused on weaving the industrial complex underneath. There is a sizable guest list of musicians contributing to the recording, some of which are attached to the progressive metal band Perspective X IV which might or might not be working on new material.

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