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OMW smallO, Majestic Winter brings their third album out as they finely tune their Experimental Black Metal sound. Full of genre fusing and epic soundscapes along with haunting background vocals and black metal shrieks melding with full experimentation including some acoustic interludes. This album is a must have for fans of Experimental Black Metal. “Eternal Shores: A Spiritual Odyssey” will be released on April 20 through Sanctus Gladius Records.

O, Majestic Winter began in Tennessee in the winter of 2008, with aspirations of making experimental extreme metal, pulling influences from black metal, folk metal, atmospheric metal, and even grindcore. After an extremely abrasive debut album, they began fine-tuning and expanding their sound. In 2009 They released “Defiling The Serpent’s Temple” and hit the scene with their abrasive sound and then followed up a few months later with “An Autumn Moon” which received some very good praise, one review even stating “Dark, atmospheric, experimental, and beautiful.”

“Eternal Shores” takes another step forward and brings another fantastic album for Experimental Black Metal Fans. Their musical influences are vast and they meld them expertly into yet another great album. O, Majestic Winter exist with the sole purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ and craft their music around this cause.

OMW_Eternal Shores

Track listing
01. Behind The Breathing Sea
02. To Journey With Hope In One’s Heart
03. The Unrest Of Peaceful Waters
04. Tempest Of The Great Owl
05. Halcyon: A Gale’s Passing
06. Engora: The Forest In The Sea
07. To Journey With Focus In One;s Gaze
08. Valdonia: The Vulturous
09. To Journey With Faith In One’s Spirit
10. Psalm Of The Oceanborn
11. Terminus: The Final Deluge
12. Eternal Shores


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Video below ‘To Journey With Focus In One;s Gaze ‘

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