May 072023

Norwegian dark/gothic metal act Mortemia, the solo project of Morten Veland (Sirenia, ex-Tristania), has released the third single/video, ‘The Hourglass’, from forthcoming full-length The Covid Aftermath Sessions. The track features Ambre Vourvahis from the band Xandria on guest vocals.

Morten Veland: “I am proud and honoured to welcome Ambre Vourvahis / Xandria as my special guest for The Covid Aftermath Sessions. This song is called ‘The Hourglass’. Ambre has a beautiful voice that fits perfectly with this song. It’s a very melodic and atmospheric track with some symphonic elements as well. I feel truly privileged and thankful to have Ambre on board this project, and I am really looking forward to sharing this song with you all. The song will be available on all digital platforms as of the 5th of May 2023. I feel truly privileged and thankful to have Ambre on board this project, and I am really pleased to be sharing this song with you all. You can enjoy ‘The Hourglass’ on all digital platforms now”.

Ambre Vourvahis: “I am really happy to be a part of this wonderful project, I’ve always been a Sirenia fan and even loved the first Mortemia album back in 2010…who would have thought that I would sing on a song for it today! And what a song, I loved it from the first time hearing it. Morten knew exactly what would fit my voice – I absolutely loved recording it and be part of this adventure with all these amazing singers. Thank you Morten for your trust”.

Check out ‘The Hourglass’ (feat. Ambre Vourvahis) right below and find previously released ‘The Endless Shore (feat. Ulli Perhonen & Nils Courbaron)’ and ‘Frozen (Madonna cover) (feat. Federica Lanna)’ plus some more info by following HERE.

After 11 years of silence Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist Morten Veland activated his solo project Mortemia during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, this time with a brand new concept consisting of collaborations with multiple guest singers. The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions was a series of singles released on a monthly basis, each song featuring a well known and highly profiled guest singer from the metal scene. Now he is ready to endeavor on the next project entitled The Covid Aftermath Sessions, once more the project will feature multiple amazing guest singers.

Mortemia: Linktree

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