Apr 282023

Pyramaze founder and guitarist Michael Kammeyer, known to be the mastermind behind the first three classic and highly praised Pyramaze albums, has been in songwriting mode for the first time in years, and has released a new single called ‘Children of Time’. The song features musicians from Pyramaze, both past line-up and current members (Jonah Weingarten, Morten G. Soerensen, Niels Kvist) + vocalist extraordinaire Nicklas Sonne (Defecto).

The new single is a 7+ minutes epic story of brilliant and soaring melodic/symphonic heavy metal with a hard edge. Kammeyer retired from Pyramaze over 10 years ago to pursue other goals, and has only occasionally popped up to do guest performances with Pyramaze.

Kammeyer is also known for being the man who brought back Matt Barlow (Iced Earth/Ashes of Ares) from retirement for the 2008 Pyramaze album “Immortal”.

Michael Kammeyer‘s new single ‘Children of Time’ can be streamed/downloaded from all known platforms as of early April. Check it out below and where you listen to your music.

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