Nov 162022

With their self-titled debut album headed for a January 13th release date on Facedown Records, HolyName have recently dropped yet another track from it. The latest to emerge is ‘The Sect’, which features a guest spot from Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark.

Pre-orders for that are available here. Several other musicians will be making cameos on the full record, including Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark, Impending Doom singer Brook Reeves, Convictions frontman Michael Felker and more.

“HolyName” track listing:

01 – Meet Me Somewhere Quiet
02 – Creed (REV Gang) (feat. Eric Gregson) (video)
03 – The Sect (feat. Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter)
04 – Fall On Your Knees (feat. Brook Reeves)
05 – Open Skies
06 – They See (feat. Michael Felker of Convictions)
07 – Celestial (feat. Joe Musten of Advent/Beloved, etc.)
08 – Perpetua
09 – Mr. Millestone (feat. Brook Reeves)
10 – My Way
11 – Follower
12 – St. Dismas (feat. Nothing Left)

Video for ‘The Sect’ (feat. Ryan Clark)

You can follow along with Tommy Green‘s new band Holy Name by following them on Facebook,  Instagram or Twitter.

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