Nov 012022

Primal is a meeting point where the talents of the land of metal join forces to produce an overwhelming and powerful sound.

The band is Jorge Iacobellis on drums and Glenn Rogers on guitars, mostly known for their works with Hirax, Alberto Zamarbide, the distinctive voice of the legendary V8 metal band and Logos and Cesar Ceregatti, former bassist for Steel Vengeance.

Primal is getting into gear and returning to the road with a new album “Humachine” and just signed a record deal with American label No Life ‘til Metal Records. CEO Bill Bafford announced “this very special release will be released in two formats, both CD and limited edition vinyl and will be making its way to you this Spring” and Scott Waters director of No Life ‘til Metal Records and Graphics, added this has been in the works for a while and is a long time coming, we are very excited to be working with the legendary bandmates of Primal.

This second album, just like the first, was produced by GRAMMY Award winner, Iggy Elisabetsky, at D-Organization Studios in Los Angeles, California; and the final project was Mastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Studios in Texas.

Glenn Rogers states “Humachine” contains 11 well-structured songs within traditional Heavy Metal, with a solid rhythmic base and strong melodies. Be sure to follow Primal and NoLifeTilMetal Records to hear a lot me as we begin to unveil… “HUMACHINE”

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