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Demon Hunter have released a video for ‘Master’ which appears on their forth-coming album “Exile.” The video can be watched below.

As previously reported, Demon Hunter have delayed the release of their twelfth studio album “Exile” by over a month. Previously scheduled for a September 09th release, that album will now not arrive until October 28th. It’s the group’s first full-length to emerge through their own label, Weapons MFG.

An update shared by the band on the matter reads:

EXILE: OCT 28. Due to ongoing supply chain issues and production delays (including CDs & comics), we made the difficult decision to push back the street date, THE GOOD NEWS is that now, every format, including vinyl, is scheduled to arrive the same day. We want to make this album as special as possible. The TWENTY YEARS IN EXILE TOUR begins Sept 09. We will perform songs from EACH of our 11 albums, including EXILE! Get tickets, VIP packages, and preorder Exile:

“Exile” is the first-ever concept album by the 20-year metal veterans. Set in the aftermath of civilized society’s collapse, the 12 songs examine modern life through the lens of a nonconformist, contemplating a life untethered.

A four-issue comic book series, written by Clark, dramatizes the album’s themes. “Exile” is an immersive interrogation of cultural norms and a call to true rebellion.

Guitarist Jeremiah Scott produced and mixed “Exile”, which boasts additional guest appearances from Max Cavalera (Soulfly) and Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest).

Colored vinyl variants, deluxe edition CDs, VIP ticket bundles, cassettes, comic books, and new merch are available for preorder at

“Exile” track list:

01. Defense Mechanism (ft. Max Cavalera) (video)
02. Master
03. Silence The World (ft. Tom S. Englund) (video)
04. Heaven Don’t Cry (Video)
05. Another Place
06. Freedom Is Dead (video)
07. Praise The Void
08. Revolutions
09. Chemicals
10. Godless (ft. Richie Faulkner) (video)
11. Devotion
12. Along The Way

The deluxe edition CD contains two bonus songs, ‘Sleepwalker’ and ‘Exile’, as well as several sonic interludes composed with Randy Torres, whose film work includes sound design on “Interstellar” and “Dunkirk”, among other works.

Demon Hunter’s “Twenty Years In Exile” tour will kicks off in the United States on street date, September 9, and include stops at Blue Ridge Rock Fest, Uprise Fest, and Furnace Fest, in addition to the headlining shows.

Video for ‘Master’ (One Take Vocal)

Video “Twenty Years In Exile” tour

Demon Hunter combines transcendent melody with metallic might. The group’s extended family around the world cherish the band’s songs as personal anthems and instruments of empowerment. They use songs like “I Am A Stone”, “On My Side”, “The Last One Alive”, “I Will Fail You”, “Collapsing” and “Dead Flowers” to mark chapters in their lives: in celebration, in mourning, from weddings to funerals.

Unwavering commitment and stark recognition of the reality of an often-cold world, tempered with defiant hope, define the band’s now-20-year-long career. Since 2002, Demon Hunter‘s dedicated supporters wear the group’s symbols, lyrics, and album imagery on their shirts, vests, backpacks, uniforms, and in many cases, on their skin.

Demon Hunter‘s most recent release was “Songs Of Death And Resurrection”, a mostly acoustic and stripped-down effort which came out in March 2021 via Solid State RecordsScott produced and mixed the LP in Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville. He also produced the band’s “War” (2019),“Peace” (2019),“Outlive” (2017) and “Extremist” (2014) records.

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