Mar 052023

Finnish cinematic metal icons Dark Sarah signed an European bookingsdeal with Desert Rose Agency from The Netherlands. This new co-operation should help Dark Sarah to promote their latest album “Attack Of Orym” live on stage outside of Finland.

,,Visually dashing and unforgettable’’, says vocalist Heidi Parviainen (ex-Amberian Dawn) about the liveshows of Dark Sarah. ,,Dark Sarah creates an exceptional atmosphere of symphonic metal with cinematic elements, highlighted with retro synth vibe and new wave influences.’’

“Attack Of Orym” is the fifth full-length album by Dark Sarah. It offers guest-appearances by Mark Jansen (Epica), Kasperi Heikkinen (Beast In Black) and JP Leppäluoto (ex-Charon). In the past Dark Sarah already shortly worked together with Desert Rose Agency, who brought the band over to The Netherlands in 2017. Both band and agency feel the time is right to join forces once more.

Dark Sarah is formed by vocalist Heidi Parviainen. She began work on Dark Sarah’s debut album Behind the Black Veil after making the decision to leave her old band, Amberian Dawn, in 2012. Dark Sarah’s style can be described as melodic and cinematic metal. The albums are concept albums that tell a continuous story. The first three albums Behind The Black Veil, The Puzzle and The Golden Moth make up The Chronicles trilogy. A short book was also written to accompany each album to support the immersive experience.

Over the past ten years, Dark Sarah have built up a strong fan base in Europe and secured a permanent place in the symphonic metal and melodic metal scene. They have performed at festivals such as Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium, Brainstorm Festival in the Netherlands, John Smith Festival and Tuska Festival in Finland. The band has also toured with Sonata Arctica and supported Within Temptation in Finland. 

Dark Sarah’s 5th album “Attack Of Orym” has been released on January 27th. via Riena Productions/ Blood Blast Distribution. Our review can be found here.

Dark Sarah‘s latest single ‘B.U.R.N’

Dark Sarah Lineup
Heidi Parviainen- Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics, Story
Sami Salonen – Guitar
Henrik Airaksinen – Keyboard, Guitar
Rude Rothstén – Bass
Thomas Tunkkari – Drums

Dark Sarah discography:
2015: “Behind The Black Veil” (review)
2016: “The Puzzle” (review)
2018: “The Golden Moth” (review)
2020: “Grim” (review)
2023: “Attack Of Orym” (review)

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